Movavi Screen Capture Studio vs. Camtasia

If you want to record your screen and are after a screen recorder that can do the job – two names in particular are bound to be on your radar: Movavi Screen Capture Studio and Camtasia. Both are popular screen recorders and initially it may be difficult to choose between them, which is why it helps to know how they stack up against each other in a head-to-head comparison:

Movavi Screen Capture Studio vs. Camtasia

User interface

The user interface of both these screen recorders are similar in the sense that they adopt a clean and user-friendly approach. That approach will make it easy to figure out how to use Movavi Screen Capture Studio or Camtasia, as all the necessary controls and settings are clearly displayed.

Screen recording features and tools

In terms of actual features for screen recording, once again Movavi Screen Capture Studio and Camtasia have little to separate them. Both can adjust the capture frame, record audio from multiple sources, capture webcam footage, and much more.

The one difference between them is that Movavi Screen Capture Studio is capable of taking screenshots of the capture area while the recording is ongoing – which Camtasia cannot do.

Editing features and tools

One of the reasons why both these screen recorders are so popular is because they include built-in video editors. Generally the editing features and tools in Camtasia and Movavi Screen Capture Studio are similar and will let you cut videos into segments, merge clips, apply special effects, insert captions, and much more.

However it should be noted that Movavi Screen Capture Studio’s interface makes it slightly easier to utilize these features, whereas the interface in Camtasia can be confusing – particularly for beginners.

Support and resources

Being popular screen recorders, Movavi Screen Capture Studio and Camtasia both do have impressive support and knowledgebase resources. That includes manuals and guides, forums, and access to support via email or live chat.

Unfortunately the live chat support for Camtasia is only available during a 4 hour a day window, whereas Movavi has a much greater coverage at 18 hours a day.


As a premium screen recorder, Camtasia’s price can be a bit prohibitive and it will set you back $199 for the full version. On the other hand Movavi Screen Capture Studio is a lot cheaper and at $49.95 that will mean that you end up spending a sixth of the price for features that equal or exceed Camtasia.

By this point it should be evident that Movavi Screen Capture Studio is not only an excellent Camtasia alternative with comparative features, but it is also a lot less expensive. Assuming you want a screen recorder that can fulfill rigorous demands and yet is not going to empty your wallet, it is the ideal choice – bar none.

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