Mozilla Plans to Bring Revolution in the Smartphone Industry by Offering $25 Smartphones

Mozilla has revealed its intentions once again to bring an extremely cheap smartphone in the global market with Firefox Operating system. This is a great news for people who cannot afford to pay hundreds of dollars for expensive devices such as Apple, Android and Samsung.

The globally recognized technology brand announced its partnership with Spreadtrum Communications, a Chinese chip designer, during the Mobile World Congress, promising to introduce a smartphone that will cost merely $25. This price range will definitely appeal to masses in markets like Indonesia, China and India, where majority of the population cannot buy expensive smartphones.

Brendon Eich, the Chief Technology Officer of Mozilla, expressed that the company is working hard to make smartphones available for the lower classes around the globe. He feels that Mozilla would require assistance from local sales channels in various countries.

Firefox OS

Mozilla has already received a very positive feedback from Indonesia as Polyton has agreed to manufacture and promote the devices in the country, while a couple of Indonesian carriers, Telkomsei and Indosat are likely to sell the products.

As per the tests, the cheap Mozilla Operating System works quite efficiently and many technology experts are of the opinion that if everything goes according to Mozilla’s plans, this will be an alarming situation for major smartphone brands like Apple, Samsung and Google as it will be almost impossible for them to match this price range without compromising on quality.

Firefox OS

Having said that, Mozilla’s cheap smartphone will naturally have lesser features and weaker overall quality as compared to the big players in the field. Mitchell Baker, a high-ranked Mozilla official expressed during a press conference that it will be unfair to compare this cheap device with expensive smartphones in the markets, urging experts and users to employ different parameters while judging the quality of this phone. He emphasized on the point that the smartphone has been designed considering the budget of most of the people in different countries.

Being a non-profit organization, Mozilla has adopted a different approach to compete in the crowded smartphone market, having already targeted the countries like Brazil, Colombia, Hungary, Greece and Venezuela.

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Mozilla announced partnerships with Alcatel and ZTE during the same show in 2013, bringing various models having dual core processors and bigger screen options at a very reasonable price. The Alcatel phones earned a lot of appreciation in different markets as they supported 4G LTE networks.

It needs to be mentioned that LG Electronics have already used a Firefox Operating System called Fireweb last year, but that did not bring any updates.  Same happened with Sony; they also announced a Firefox OS phone, but never showcased it.

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