Nokia Advises Not to Use the Charger of Nokia Lumia 2520 Tablet

The leading mobile company, Nokia today announced that due to a potential safety concern, the AC-300 charger of Nokia Lumia 2520 tablet should not be used until further notice. The issue is associated with over 30,000 chargers sold across UK, US, Austria, Denmark, Russia, Germany and Switzerland. For this reason, the sales of these chargers have been stopped in these regions, however, the tablets will continue to be sold in the US. In the US, only sales of travel charger accessory have been delayed.

The flaw was discovered in an internal quality control process. Under certain conditions, the AC-300 charger may give an electric shock, while plugged in. The chargers are solely used with the Lumia 2520 tablets, and are manufactured by a third-party supplier.


According to the Finnish mobile company, they have not got any complain from consumers, so far. Nonetheless, the consumers are advised not to use the AC-300 chargers and travel charger accessories.

They also requested consumers to provide their details through the prescribed form, so that they could receive information and updates on AC-300 charger. In an answer to the FAQ, Nokia stated that it is constantly working with all its suppliers to minimize the inconvenience. Moreover, it could be expected that the manufacturer would offer a replacement for the AC-300 charger.

It is quite obvious that the tablet would be useless without a reliable charging device. I advise you to stay connected to for further updates.

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