Pokémon Go Reaches 10 Million Downloads in Just 7 Days

Just when we thought the mobile gaming can’t get better, Pokémon Go appeared on the scene and took the world by storm reaching to 10 million downloads in just a week’s time beating all previous records. This is the fastest ever by any mobile game released on iOS and Android. It’s also worth mentioning here, the game was released only in the selective markets this month with report of launching in Japan and other countries this week.

Pokémon Go
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So how viral Pokémon Go has been? Ask Sensor Tower who has been keeping a close eye on the proceedings. They used their Store Intelligence platform to examine 12 mega-hit mobile games and computed the number of days from their launch dates it took them to reach the 10 million milestone.

The chart shows how quick the game was reaching to 10 million mark beating games like Angry Birds 2 by a big margin. The game has so far been downloaded over 30 million times with an anticipation of seeing a rush in adoption owing to release in Japan and other countries.

The download numbers may be interesting news for gamers, but for The Pokémon Company, the concerning figure is the net revenue which surpassed $35 million mark. Not only the gaming company but Apple would also see a surge in revenues in the coming months. As per a market analysis, Apple could earn $3 billion in a year or two owing to its 30% cut of in-app purchases.

Stay tuned as we reveal how fast the game could achieve the 50 million download milestone.

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