Portable Speaker Dock Fills the Room with Superb Sound

Sony XFL100iP

If you’re looking for an excellent speaker dock for your portable music device like your iPod or even your iPhone, then look no further. Sony’s new masterpiece, the RDP-XFL100iP is sleek, stylish, and offers an unmatched audio experience with its great sounding bass and Hi-fidelity sound reproduction. Its advanced digital amplifier provides an output of 20W + 20W RMS. It comes with a rechargeable battery that is good for over 6 hours of an unparalleled listening experience. It’s not as bulky as you’d expect an advanced speaker-dock system to be; it’s quite slim and can easily be slipped into a pocket of your cargo pants or your backpack.Right from the moment.

You dock your iPhone or your iPod, the XFL100 from Sony provides you with unbelievably clear sound through speakers that are capable of compensating for changes made in audio-levels while listening to the music. Don’t let its small size and unassuming appearance fool you. In all aspects, the XFL100 shines through. The speaker unit has a long duct for its twin port system, thanks to which one gets perfect sound in terms of clarity and range, regardless of how high or how low the notes go. There are some other pretty cool features too, FM radio tuner, and Digital Signal Processing, which allows users to choose between five sound presets like Jazz, Rock, Flat, Vocal and Pop.

When it comes to looks, there’s nothing smarter or more stylish than the XFL100. Lined with touch-sensitive keys and a clear OLED display, this portable speaker dock has a retractable dock-tray that can be folded away when it’s not being used. This also makes it easier to carry around. What’s great about this speaker dock is that it is compatible with all the latest models of the iPod (including the iPod Touch) and even the iPhone 3GS.

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Thanks to a remote control that’s included in the package, it can be controlled from even a short distance away, and the fact that it is rechargeable means an uninterrupted listening experience, regardless of whether or not you’re near a power source.

The Sony XFL100iP will be available for purchase, May 2010 onwards.

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