Samsung Mobile Announces Availability Of The Samsung Modus

Samsung Modus

The number one provider of mobile phones in the United States2, Samsung Telecommunications America (Samsung Mobile)1, declared today its availability of a new Bluetooth headset which is both sleek and style-convertible. This new headset is called Samsung Modus(HM3500). This premium headset is made for more advanced mobile experience, for it has to offer dual microphone and noise-cancelling technology, which converts to a Stereo Bluetooth headset, at a much cheaper price.

The headset has multitudinous forms of advanced features comprising of a  dual microphone pattern and noise-cancelling technology, which help to distinctly separate the user’s voice from the background and surrounding noise. Along with the good sound quality, it also offers highly multipoint technology allowing connectivity between two Bluetooth-enabled audio -streaming devices, seamlessly. This is applicable to Mp3’s, cell phones, and computers as well. While enjoying the full-blast, rich Bluetooth stereo with fidelity when connected to the phone, the headset can mute the volume to a slight extent, whereby the user can answer or make calls and at the same time restore the settings after the calls are finished. The customer can stream the full fidelity audio and exploit the rich sound with the help of the singular earpiece that comes with the headset.

The Modus has sleek feature with a design which is stylishly fluid. It is intended for those customers who are in search of a Bluetooth headset which is conventionally noise-cancelling, and is also able to stream the stereo audio. It is also made in a way that it can be to worn as a mono-style piece for making and taking calls and also to readily transform itself into a Bluetooth headset, when it is connected to the stereo ear bud included with the headset, to get a much enhanced audio sound.

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