Samsung Phones for Recycling Options

Mobile Phone Recycling Program

Samsung has decided to reach out to people in order to keep their promises about maintaining their initial pledge. They want to collect an entire range of different phones and recycle them. So the reached out to almost seven million high school students all across the U.S in high schools to help them focus on a sense of eco friendliness towards the environment in general.

Samsung Mobile has numerous eco-friendly initiatives in place, including our Mobile Take-Back program and last year’s launch of the Samsung Reclaim, the first phone in the U. .S. constructed from eco-friendly bio-plastic materials,” said Paul Golden, Chief Marketing Officer of Samsung Mobile. “The March to a Million program is taking our green initiatives one step further to educate consumers on the importance and ease of recycling mobile phones. The goal of the in-school program is to reach an influential demographic and one that we think will help us spread the word throughout their communities.”

This is important because students will now understand the relevance of recycling all phones and because of this the social and environmental impact will be well focused upon. Parks, communities, and other areas are also being looked into so that more and more people can be brought in. Also there are attractions, a sweepstake will take place in which all of the participating schools will take part. The winner will get to see a live concert where a popular rock or pop band will perform.

This was Samsung’s way of promoting a sense of awareness for the environment.

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