Samsung Surpasses 60 Percent Share for Commanding Lead in 3D TV market

When it comes to consumer electronics, Samsung is known to be one of the leading brands in the world which provides innovative products. Samsung announced that it had crossed the threshold of 60 percent market share and now was a leader in the 3D TV market in the US. They have a share of 61% in the 3D TV market which includes both plasma TV and LED and these figures have been available through the data provided by the NDP Group which is a market research company.

The 3D experience provided by Samsung is known to be the best in the present times and this is the reason by most of the consumers are opting for the brand. The HD 3D quality is not only excellent in Samsung televisions but the designs of the TVs are also excellent and the Samsung apps platform is also very popular with the users.

When the question is of the 3D experience, quality is one of the major factors that have to be kept in mind and the Samsung televisions ensure the best 3D viewing experience at home. They use a 3D Active technology which gives the high quality picture. This doubles the resolution for a full HD image, has no black lines which obstruct the picture and it also gives a wider viewing angle.

The prices of the 3D line of glasses have also been reduced by Samsung as one only needs to spend $49.99 for the 3D active glasses which are battery operated. Only some retailers are participating in this promotional offer by Samsung and thus, consumers are advised to check with their retailers if they are participating. With select models the glasses will be provided along with the 3D starter kit.

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