Sky Player on Xbox 360 – A Review

Sky Player on Xbox 360

The future is here. Long gone are the days when one had to disconnect the gaming console in order to watch TV or order a movie on pay-per-view. Thanks to the Sky Player on the Microsoft Xbox 360, you can play the latest games and when you want to unwind, sit back and watch a movie or a television show, all with the press of a button on your controller. Here’s a brief but thorough review of the Sky Player on the Xbox 360:

To begin with, you’d want to know the basics like how can one access Sky Player and what all it’s capable of doing. If you want to find the Sky Player on your Xbox console, you’ll need to download it from your ‘Video Marketplace’ first. Then you’d need to purchase one of the many interesting packages on offer, and once you’ve made your choice, it’s smooth sailing all the way.

What’s nice about the Sky Player on Xbox 360 is that you get to access various channels on the Sky network, depending on the package you have opted for. The basic package has channels such as the Sky News channel, Sky Arts 1 and more, with the addition of some non-network channels like the History Channel, the Disney Channel, MTV, National Geographic, etc. If you want more channels, you can always get the add-ons you like. An excellent feature of Sky Player is that users can switch between live TV and on-demand video as it suits their convenience.

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Streaming video begins playing without more than a few seconds’ delay, which only happens because the video needs to buffer. After a few moments, when buffering is complete, uninterrupted playback begins. All throughout, the user remains in control – you can pause or rewind or fast-forward at varying speeds, ranging between 2x & 16x. Live TV is best viewed over a 3 or 4 mbps Broadband connection, but even 2mbps would suffice. Operating the Sky Player on your Xbox 360 is really easy, owing to the fact that the on-screen menus and instructions are straightforward and simple to follow. But what’s perhaps the best feature of all is the ‘Party Mode’.

With this mode enabled, you can watch live TV in a whole new way that re-defines the meaning of ‘virtual reality’.

When you select this mode, your on-screen avatar appears on a virtual sofa and begins to view Live TV on a virtual representation of a TV screen – it’s like a screen within your screen – and if you like, you can even hang out with your friends’ avatars if they’re online, laughing together at a funny scene in a television show! The only thing better than social networking and watching a good, fun movie is, doing both at the same time.

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This is, without a doubt, an excellent optional you can avail of with your Xbox 360. After all, why pay for a separate cable connection when you can watch TV and movies using Sky Player on your gaming console?

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