Sony Ericsson Naite (unlocked) – A Review

Sony Ericsson Naite

While the entire world debates about the best ways in which they could do their bit for the environment and the planet, even mainstream commercial companies are trying to cash in on people’s sentiments regarding the planet. The good thing is that cell phone and handset companies can actually do something for the environment and Sony Ericsson is displaying just that with their latest “Green” phone- Naite that is all set to take over the world or at least that majority of the world who are concerned about the environment and their responsibility towards it. And this number of people concerned about the bad effects we humans have on the environment is increasing every day, so it would be wrong to assume that there is no place or market for a phone that is targeted towards this specific sort of consumer.

What this model- Naite is basing its concept on is- carbon footprints. What they claim is that you can calculate your carbon footprints at least fifteen points less if you are buying this model as it is made of recyclable plastic and recycled plastic as well. This is one great feature about the phone that will have all environment-conscious people alert. However, this is not the only one feature about the phone that will have everyone excited, there surely are other things that the phone has that you might find attractive.

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For starters, the keypad is one of the best features of the phone. Anybody who is more concerned about how user friendly the phone is will notice this great feature about the phone- that it can be used comfortably without any hassles. The keypad itself is huge and all the keys are large and well spaced so that one does not face any trouble in typing or texting. Lately among all the Sony Ericsson phones that have been released, this is one of the phones with the best keypad.

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The user interface doesn’t reek of genius- it is the same old typical Sony Ericsson interface that everybody uses with the same icons etc. However, if you are worried about usability and comfort then this interface will certainly be something you will be happy about because it is just so easy to use.

However, one thing that is not something you will want to write home about is the look of the phone as a whole. No of course it isn’t something that look repulsive but neither does it look like the designer could receive an award for. But the point is that the price range that it falls in and the recycled plastic feature that the phone has is enough for the buyer to forgive the average looks of the phone.

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The other feature of the handset that you might not find extremely attractive is the screen itself. This is definitely one of those phone that are very hard to use in direct sunlight, it reflects all the light it can directly back at you and the resolution is also something that is quite an average number- 240X360 Megapixel display.

However just like we have been saying, if usability is your concern this phone has all the right features- for example the battery on this phone is something that is quite the conversation starter. It boasts of a very solid battery and all our tests could also not disprove the figures of battery life that the company claims so we would like to accept what they guarantee.

However one cannot really expect all the phones to do everything, so going by that theory this phone definitely does its work of being a “Green” phone and being extremely comfortable to use.

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