T-Mobile is all slated to release the fastest 3G Wireless Network

3G Wireless Network

At the International CTIA Wireless 2010, T-Mobile USA, Inc., told us of their plans to launch the best and the latest of all broadband devices. On the radar are plans of unveiling the high speed 3G service along with HSPA+ technology. This is  supposed to reach out to a lot of people across the nation and T-mobile is hoping to have a customer base of almost 185 million people in hundred different metropolitan areas.

“Consumers want a mobile broadband experience that’s easy and as good as their connection at home on the best wireless devices available,” said Neville Ray, who is the senior vice president of engineering and operations for T-Mobile USA. “This year T-Mobile will upgrade its national 3G network to HSPA+ which will support faster speeds and give customers a superior wireless data experience when they access their mobile social network, stream videos or share content. T-Mobile’s network is primed to deliver the speeds that today’s data users crave.”

T-mobile also ensured that home broadband like HSPA+ data speeds on a variety of products including the new Dell Inspiron  Mini 10 with T-Mobile webConnect  were also hosted well.

Last fall T-Mobile well launched its HSPA+ network service and this in fact became the fastest and even very modern wireless network being used all across USA. Major cities where this was being marketed includes places like New York City, Long Island and Washinton D.C. among others.

The company has decided to go on marketing the HSPA+ and the 3g very aggressively for a much larger customer base.

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