The Best Photo Editing Apps

Taking pictures can be great fun and what better way to make them more enjoyable than touching them up with some editing. You can impress your friends and family by looking like a pro with a few simple tools and tips for editing up photographs.

As is often the case in the modern world, apps provide the perfect solution to our quest for the best photos with an extensive selection of top photo editing apps available on the market. Here, we look at a few favourites and why they’re so great.


Instagram is hugely popular and it’s clear to see why. This funky little app lets you apply different filters to your image to give it a whole new look.


Whether it’s a softened edge to give photos more romantic appeal or a change in the colours to sharpen the contrast, this app is ideal for frequent users. Not only is it free to download but you can upload your images to the Instagram sharing forum and let others see them too.

Photoshop express

This free app is great for basic editing and comes with more than enough features for any budding photographer. Taking some aspects of Adobe’s Photoshop, you can do things like ‘dodge and burn’ which adjusts areas of a photograph that might be too dark or light.



Snapseed is another fantastic app turning your photos into works of art. Whilst you do have to pay for it, the app includes a powerful auto correction function as well as heaps of fun filters and effects.  It’s also available on your desktop so you can edit photos you have taken from a digital camera as well.



This paid app from Apple was launched alongside the latest iPad for iOS and is a great little app to help manage your photos. It’s got an easy to understand interface and plenty of photo editing tools including cropping and lighting adjustment. Not only that but there is a swatch book with a range of pre-fixed setting such as dreamy, soft, dramatic  for you to apply straight to the photo.


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