Toughen Up Your Server Security – Are You Safe Enough?

In this day and age, nearly everyone has access to a computer. Most of these computer owners has access to an internet connection – some of which are fairly talented than others. A select few are actually brilliant minds who have the ability to hack into any computer system through sheer will. Yes – at this rate, anything is possible. You’ll never know if you can become the next target of hackers. So ask yourself this question…

Are you safe enough?

The truth is – your computer system is never safe enough. Even with a top of the line anti-virus software, you are still vulnerable to hack attacks. Yes, I know you have Firewall on all the time, and have very complicated passwords on your computer system but believe me – you are not safe from the criminal minds.

You don’t really want to risk your valuable data from being hacked. It’s better to be safe than sorry. You wouldn’t want to put your company in deep danger by letting your servers’ guard down. At this point, you should be doing something about your server security. A simple Firewall and anti-virus software won’t cut it. You need something more… Something that can help you get that added protection that your server sorely needs.

Installing Security Software

If your server contains highly confidential data, then there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be installing security software. Whether it is virtual, physical, or cloud servers; you will need high quality security software to keep your system safe. It is recommended that you secure your virtual machine with cloud security. The thing that you have to remember when choosing a security software to install is that you always get what you paid for. Don’t expect to have your system fully protected by opting for a cheap and unproven brand.

Use Other Authentication Methods

No matter how difficult the password is, you can never be so sure that no one can hack through your system. Hackers don’t just randomly guess your password – they have tons of software that can pierce through your computer’s system without having to input the password. Or sometimes they have strategically installed keyloggers that allow them to track down your password.

The answer to this is having key-based authentication system. This will avoid keylogging software because an external device will be used. Sometimes images or phrases are used for authentication. By having this system installed, unauthorized access will be limited – if not eliminated.

Maintain and Update Computers At All Times

Prevention is the best cure. By maintaining and updating your computers at all times, you will be able to avoid further risks that may harm your computer. I know it’s annoying whenever a notification pops up about a computer update waiting to be installed… But believe me; clicking that update may be the thing that can save your computer from any malicious content or hack attempts.

There are many more ways to toughen up your server security. But at the end of the day, all of these tips and methods are useless if you don’t implement them right away. Never feel secure and confident with the current make up of your computer systems – because the truth is – you are never safe enough.

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