Tweaking the Twitter Homepage

New work appears to be done to the Twitter homepage where all types of new designs are being incorporated. This will ensure that there is more types of information being sent out through this social networking site. The homepage is being redesigned in a much better way to make it entirely easier for all customers to search out the latest and ensure that important topics and news can easily be seen by all users. So even without an account, customers can ensure that the search option is still available to them.

There is also a lot of new and important features that are being showcased on the Twitter homepage. The content is entirely dynamic and quite interesting because there are examples of different types of people who are involved in tweeting. There are also explanations on what this process of tweeting is actually about. Other relevant topics are also on the radar for being discussed well. Other features included means that several randomly selected tweets will also appear randomly across the home page. This is mainly to bring to focus any of the trendy and recent topics which will keep all other users well informed of what is basically going on. Also the most searched for keywords will also come with an explanation of why they are so popular.

Also these types of Twitter updates also indicate the fact that this is not just for status updates and a lot of information needs to be used between users. People will gradually understand the relevance of Twitter, specially first time users.

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