Training vs Recruitment: Why Retention is better than Accrual

The concept of freelancing and independent contracting is a global phenomenon that impacts on numerous industries, from IT support and article writing to construction services. In the U.S alone, 40% of the workforce is expected to be working independently by the year 2020, while 33% of the British citizens already work for themselves. This is making it harder for companies to retain staff, especially as so many firms are more interested in pursuing new talent rather than developing the skills of their current employees.

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Why Retention beats Recruitment in 2015

This raises the issue of retention vs. recruitment, which is a hot topic in 2015. This is especially true in the construction sector, which has become increasingly competitive since the global economic recovery. While many brands in this market may be preoccupied with the idea of identifying and poaching the best industry talent, however, they may be missing a trick when it comes to developing the skill-sets of their existing employees. There are many benefit associated with retaining and training existing staff members, especially for firms with a long-term outlook.

To begin with, constant recruitment drives create a high turnover of staff, as new employees join and other, disgruntled employees leave for pastures new. This creates considerable uncertainty, while it can also lower morale and undermine any prospects of long-term growth. It can also make it extremely difficult to sustain a brand identity or a desired company culture, as the people that you employ are central in driving these concepts and distinguishing your business in a crowded market. It is also important to consider company finances, as the cost of undertaking large-scale recruitment drives and matching existing salaries is often far higher than implementing regular and progressive training.

How Affordable Training can drive your business forward

This brings us on to our final point, as training within the construction sector is far more affordable than you may think. This is particularly true in the current market, where companies such as VP Groundforce have recently created a channel through which they can share their expertise and embellish the skill-sets of employees and construction companies throughout the UK.

From on-site training to classroom based workshops, these courses can help you to develop skilled and knowledgeable staff members without the need to constantly turnover employees. This not only has the potential to save you money, but it also contribute to a familiar brand that resonates with clients.

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