Airlines with the Most Beautiful Air Hostess in the World

Air hostesses are more than just a pretty face. After all it is not an easy job, welcoming the passengers with a smile always. They not only help them find their seat, fasten their seat belts and making important announcements during the flight, they need to take care of their passengers all through the flight. They have to make sure everyone is taken care of even after the plane has landed.

Not every girl has the right qualifications to be a stewardess. Many airlines are strict about height and weight requirements, like the bigger jets because shorter air hostesses cannot reach the overhead compartments. Weight too is always a concern.

Basic requirements for air hostesses are:

  • Should be of age 18 years or 19 years
  • For the senior, the maximum mage is 40 years
  • Minimum height is 155cm
  • Be good looking of course
  • Be well educated
  • Have good communication skills
  • Should speak English fluently

Let us take a look at the most beautiful Air Hostess in the world and their airlines,

Virgin Atlantic Airlines Air Hostesses

Photo by Downing Street

Virgin Atlantic is one of the world’s most popular airlines and with the most beautiful air hostesses. The crew is smiling and the lovely hostesses dressed in red really warm up the flight. These air hostesses have been voted the most beautiful in the world. Everything about them is charming, their looks as well as their services.

Singapore Airlines Air Hostesses

[youtube Tqyiqalzktg 500 350]

With award winning reviews and top quality meal services, flyers with this airline not only get attentive staff service in all cabins, but also get to meet some of the most beautiful air hostesses. Dressed to perfection in their smart uniform, you will never be able to take eyes of them during the flight.

Etihad Airways Air Hostesses

Photo by LuisJouJR

With a modern fleet of aircraft and a multi-national airport and cabin staff, the Etihad Airways boasts of having the most exquisite faces as air hostesses. You will be really impressed by their elegance and soft graceful movements. They really look very sober in their grey uniform.

Emirates Air Hostesses

Photo by hig 37

With an award-winning In-flight Entertainment programs and systems, you will find fine catering standards across all cabins. The air hostesses are really beautiful and stylish. Dresses in soft brown and head covered, you will simply be floored by their services and impeccable mannerisms.

Aer Lingus Air Hostesses

[youtube pioDeolZIPE 500 350]

Boasting of some of the most beautiful girls as air hostesses, the new planes of Aer Lingus offer good value for money. Dressed in green, let those pretty faces look after you and take care of you all through the flight. You will find them beautiful, professional and friendly.

Lufthansa Air Hostesses

[youtube Td2ttl6FiDw 500 350]

Known for consistent and efficient cabin staff service, Lufthansa flies with some of the most beautiful air hostesses. You will enjoy a great comfortable flight with them every time. Offering you a very good in flight entertainment, you will miss those lovely faces once you are off the plane.

Cathay Pacific Air Hostesses

Photo by LuisJouJR

Cathay Pacific airhostesses are again very beautiful and one of the cutest faces. Looking after you well and with complete efficiency, you will find them very charming and elegant in their smart red uniforms.

KLM Air Hostesses

Photo by wovox

You can always make out KLM airhostesses in their fresh blue uniforms, looking pretty and elegant all the time. You will feel great served and looked after by them. Flying to several popular destinations world wide, KLM flight crew is simply great.

TAP Air Hostess

TAP Air Hostess

TAP air hostesses are polite, smart and graceful. Dressed in navy blue, they know their job well and are always ready to serve you and help you out. These girls are simply gorgeous.

The uniforms for flight attendants in different airlines are often designed by famous designers. Some famous names are Richard Tyler, who is a Los Angeles-based celebrity designer and Givenchy star Julien Macdonald. When flying, we can always try different airlines and meet beautiful stewardess from other countries. Besides meeting the most sophisticated, stylish and good looking air hostesses, we can try different food and drink as every airline tries to serve different cuisine related to their country.

These flight stewardess not only need an attractive physical appearance, like tall, slim and beautiful, they have important responsibilities too besides looking great all the time. They need to look after their passengers and their comfort. A major responsibility is to look after safety and comfort of passengers.

The air hostesses represent the face of the airline they represent. Therefore, with the fierce competition around, airline are giving special care and though to the selection of their flight attendants and airhostesses. They are the most important part of advertisement of any modern airline. Her features, height, smile, and her uniform present a complete picture of the airline she belongs to.

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