Wearing The Most Expensive Shades in Style

Being in vogue can be quite a task. With so many new accessories being released by the fabulous fashion houses every week it is really very difficult to keep it stylish. More and more expensive accessories are being released for the rich and famous and in that race a pair of fierce designer sunglasses can easily become the most expensive accessory in your already luxurious wardrobe. The prices of sunglasses have reached unimaginable heights being priced at thousands and shockingly enough even at hundreds of thousands. A good designer sunglass is quite an expensive accessory and can make a serious dent in your pocket.

Most Expensive Sunglasses

The Brands

Now if you are on the hunt for super expensive designer sunglasses and have enough cash to spare then there is nothing better than splurging on a pair of sunglasses that claim to be the most expensive sunglass in the world. There are plenty of designer brands that have offered some of the most expensive sunglasses but the one which really makes the difference is Dolce and Gabbana. Dolce and Gabbana is one of the most coveted fashion houses in the world and has wowed the world for decades. But by creating the most expensive sunglasses in the World they have really gone a step ahead. The new sunglasses, that they have released has got everyone talking and is sure making people wish that they owned one. When you are about to buy something elite there are two things to consider. The brand name and the consumer review. So far Dolce and Gabbana’s most expensive sunglasses have scored high on both.

Wear Your Style

Fashion and accessories are inseparable. A good bag or shoe or sunglasses can make all the difference. Working the dress that just like Jennifer Lopez did last night at American idol becomes easier for you with those fabulous accessories. Sunglasses are certainly a great addition to you outfit. It not only protects your eyes from harmful rays of the sun but also gives you an edge. Wearing the most expensive sunglasses in the world can make one feel quite different. Style along with the feeling of uniqueness can do wonders. While it is true that your pair is the only one which can claim to be the worlds most expensive sunglasses but in reality there are very few that can afford to buy those things and manage to show them off with style.

Everything aside, the most important question to address in this case is that how much money you can really spend on sunglasses. We are talking about the most expensive sunglasses in the world and the only thing that you can be sure of is that theses things don’t come cheap. You are probably thinking about $1000, $2000, or maybe at the most $5000. But here is the thing; the most expensive sunglasses in the world come at a neat sum of $383,609. It seriously is quite high and thus very few can actually afford to spend so much on a pair of sunglasses.

The Best of the Rest

You couldn’t have expected any other fashion houses to deliver something so uniquely expensive other than Dolce and Gabbana. After all they are famous for their fashionable clothes and accessories around the world. The most expensive sunglasses are made of polarized lenses that are of a soft brown color. They have a gold rim, which is quite sexy and are engraved with the company logo. The world’s most expensive sunglasses come wrapped in cases made of black leather with satin cloth to help prevent scratches. The model number is DG2027B. Buy these sunglasses and you will walk out of the store feeling fabulous.

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