Best Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

The cupid struck hearts’ day of the year is back again round the calendar. Valentine’s Day is observed on 14th February ever year to celebrate the love and affection between those special ones who have decided to walk the ways together.

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Had a heated argument, or the special one is far away, or the want to express yourself on this special day, know about all valentines day gift idea for all the different stages of the relationship or even the would-be or want-it-to-be ones.

Valentine’s Day Gift

Bring back the puppy love spark in the relationship, express what is bubbling in the heart, show the care and affection, remind how much the special one matters, all this valentine’s day with the most beautifully planned personalized valentine’s day gift.

Make the special one feel on top of the world on the day. It is for the love birds all over the globe and throughout ages that this day is marked.

History Of Valentine’s Day

No records have been found of any romanticism attached to the date till medieval era, until the emergence of St. Valentine in 14th century. The day was honored and established by the noble Pope Gelasius I in 500AD. The day got its romantic association during the period of Geoffrey Chaucer, the English poet, author, diplomat, bureaucrat, philosopher, and courtier.

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Best Valentine’s Day Gift

What is a Valentine’s Day without gifting the special one with the best that they deserve! Give the gift a touch of personal love and care. Add the special touch of the feel to the gift for the special one, don not just pick any expensive stuff out there. The one awaits the special feel in the gift and not the price tag.

Personalized Valentine’s Day Gift

There are many personalized gift stores these days. Drop in and pick up the best suited for the special ones. For the new love birds, bottle messages, personalized printed or picture printed attires are the hottest pick ups these days. Surprise the special one and express how very special he/she s to you.

Personalized accessories are also brilliant for couples. Get engraved rings or pendants, or get the detachable pendants with pictures of the two in it.

The personalized M&M’s candies had been an age old hit ever since they came into existence. The candies can be engraved with personal messages, pictures, and colors. They even come into personalized packages.

Women could gift their beloved men name engraved wallets. Similarly men could gift their beloved women fashionable handbags with both their initials on it somewhere.

Personalized personal care stuff are also good idea. Try for name engraved bathing soaps or loofahs with the names embroidered on the hanging loops or names embroidered set of towels kept for only those special occasions of candlelit bubble baths together.

The most beloved one can also be gifted with a star after his/her name. This is a new craze going global off-late. It is not that the particular star will be legally a personal property but just a virtual notion to have a star on the beloved one’s name. It is literally and practically out of the world romantic.

Homemade Valentine’s Day Gift

Think of a huge gift basket stuffed with all special homemade Valentine’s Day gifts just for the special one. A self baked cake and some cookies with a pretty self made card. Pack in some romantic movie DVDs or music CDs, also some cappuccino packs, the whole concept is to spend some quality, romantic, leisurely moments over a cup of hot cappuccino, cakes and cookies while watching the best suited romantic movie or listening to the soothing romantic tracks or simply instrumental.

The gift basket can have many other things that are of personal importance to only the two of you. That is for the one who is gifting, to decide what should be included in the basket to make the special one feel all the more important than the rest of the world on this particular day.

Make a collage of those beautiful moments spent together and clicked but has been lying somewhere in the cupboard till now. The collage could be fashioned like a wall hanging. This is a bright spark for the married and living couples. Bring back the spark of those colorful days and also make a display of it. The special one is to like this public display of affection atleast even if the one is not much into PDA. Or a scrap book of snaps taken during different outings or gatherings or casually with personal messages reminding of those silly and cute little things that happened over the occasions of the snaps is also a great way to express the love.

Men can also surprise their spouse by cooking the dinner and simply set a personal candlelit dinner at the dinning table.

Creative Valentine’s Day Gift

Gifting flowers to the beloved ones was for the grannies. Put a little more effort and give one at a time throughout the day, like keep one beside his/her pillow o find after waking up, one at the breakfast table, and so on.

To care and love someone and show it does not require to be Leonardo da Vinchi or Wordsworth, the best poet and painter comes out of the worst one when in love. Paint something or write something on your own, even if that ends up like a scribbled piece of rough work. Remember what matters is the true effort to have gone beyond the abilities and try it just for the special one.

The easiest to arrange, and cutest of all is to make a collection of love coupons. Make a bunch of coupons and each should vouch for a range of cute things like a time span of cuddling, breakfast on the bed, a dinner-n-movie date, a picnic, a quick holiday, and many such things that is hard to find time for n this super fast era.

Men can also include vouchers for a couple of loads of laundry, kitchen cleaning, cooking dinner, long promised vacation, and many other such thing that are really tough to live up to in daily lives and are usually falls back on the women’s part of job to perform.

Experience Valentine’s Day Gift

Remember that this is not a personal occasion which one needs to share with everybody to double the joy, this is to be shared only the special one and to make the day memorable it is to be experienced together. An exotic vacation can be planned, not in terms of expenses but planning, enjoying, and spending quality time together out of the daily hectic life for a few days.

A beautifully planned private candlelit dinner can do the wonder, may be nowhere else but on the rooftop itself.

A spa therapy or massage session together could be a fabulous and sensual experience.

Utility Valentine’s Day Gift

Living and married couples sometimes do not realize how lucky they are and that they can actually display their love to each other even more conveniently. Get the pillow covers with love scrambles printed on it like half a heart on one and half on the other, or bedspreads and curtains with all the personal love messages, which went unexpressed till date in the daily hectic life, this Valentine’s Day and surprise the spouse.

Some household stuff like the cutlery holder or salt-n-pepper stands, or even coffee mug sets could be gifted with personalized touch on them.

Photo frames with both the couples’ names engraved on it could be a great idea.

Take the beloved one for a road trip and surprise him/her ending up to the place he/she had been wanted to visit ever since heard of it.

Romantic Valentine’s Day Deed Gifts

This is the time to show the most beloved ones the true romantic color within. Do romantic things for the one who is above all. If not now then when else would be the right time to go melodramatic! Though many of the following things to do have already been mentioned in other parts of the article but let us now list down the most romantic and “to do” gifts here.

  1. Dedicate a song on air to the special one, and don not forget to point out a romantic one.
  2. Serve breakfast on the bed.
  3. Men can surprise their spouses by cooking dinner.
  4. Write a poem, or a love note, or paint something yourself for the special one.
  5. Sing a song for the special one at the karaoke night.
  6. Hire a serenade and make him sing under the window sill when the special one is expecting it the least.
  7. Take the special one for a wine tasting tour.
  8. Men can cook and bake and do many of the household and surprise their spouses.
  9. Women can surprise their spouses by wearing those sexy night-wears that their men would love to see them in.
  10. Burn a CD of a collection of romantic songs, or even better the one gifting it could actually record himself/herself singing.
  11. Gift a flower throughout the day and may be even take it to a count of a certain number of the years spent together or months or even days (that is if the relationship is a nascent one).
  12. Treat the special one with a candlelit bubble bath and surprise with his/her favorite dinner menu cooked before the one arrived.

Surprise and impress the special ones with these ideas and modify them accordingly if needed. Enjoy this Valentine’s Day with the beloved one and make it memorable so nicely that it compensates for all those times when words were not kept and promises were broken. Getting hyper-romantic and doing things over rated can also e granted on this one special day.

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