Things to Know When Purchasing a Rifle

Have you recently purchased or are currently building your own rifle? If so, there are a few things you should be asking yourself and looking out for. For example, what conditions will your new rifle be facing? What will you be using it for? Do you need it to be highly reliable, or can you sacrifice some of this for something which looks and feels better?

By asking all the right questions first, you can make the best-informed decisions and end up with a rifle perfect for your needs. An AR-15 assault rifle, for example, is made up of several components which can be swapped out, changed and modified as per the owner’s tastes or requirements. Here are three things you should be looking at when purchasing or building a rifle –

Purchasing a Rifle
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#1: What Is Its Purpose?

This is the first thing you should determine when purchasing a rifle. When you’ve got an answer to this question, it makes your search a lot easier.

Hunting? The 5.56 and Stag 15 AR-15 models are fantastic for hunting – especially small game hunting – whereas the Stag 7 model is designed for hunting larger animals such as deer.

Home defence? The AR-15 is America’s go-to rifle when it comes to defending the home. The 5.56 cartridges are perfect for this purpose as they have great stopping power and don’t penetrate through other structures as readily as other pieces of ammunition.

Target practice? This is one of the most popular uses for rifles. It’s a recreational pastime enjoyed by millions of people and it is where most people start their shooting journey.

#2: What Buttstock Do I Need?

This again depends on the purpose you will be using your AR-15 for. Buttstocks can easily be swapped around and changed, so it is possible to own multiple at once.

There are a huge range of buttstocks and the best AR 15 stock is one which will maximize the utility of the weapon for its intended use by you. For instance, certain buttstocks make the AR-15 much easier to fire at a longer range, whereas others work better for defensive shooting and hunting. Shop around and have a look at the huge range of stocks – don’t just use the one which comes with your gun and stick with it.

#3: Magazine Size

Although ownership of an AR-15 is legal, some states restrict the size of the magazine you can have. This is something you need to research yourself and it is important to know – your local gun retailer will probably know the answer – as you could end up in a lot of trouble if you are caught with an oversized magazine with too many rounds in it. You can still own oversized magazines for when you travel to different states, you just can’t use them in specific states.

The AR-15 is America’s favorite rifle. It is a highly customizable weapon which has proven itself to be reliable throughout a number of situations, including hunting and defense. The above tips will help you to find the right one for your needs.

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