Here Are 4 Astonishing Reasons to Get a Cat

For animal lovers and long-time pet owners alike, cats are one of the best animals you can keep as a pet. Whether you’re looking for a cuddly companion to keep you occupied while recovering from a bunion removal procedure at The Bunion Cure or looking for a new family pet, here are just a few of the many reasons why you should consider getting a cat!

Low Maintenance Pets

In terms of pets that you can domesticate, cats are some of the lowest-maintenance animals around. Unlike dogs that require frequent grooming, training, walking, and access to the outdoors, cats can make do with very little attention. Cats require no formal training and do not need a lot of space to play; plus, they can use a litter box, and do not need to be let outside.

Cats are Independent

In addition to being low maintenance in terms of care, cats are independent and can keep themselves occupied for hours in comparison to other animals. Even the cuddliest cats need a fair amount of space and alone time throughout each day, and spend a decent amount of time each day sleeping. All that cats need is a food and water, a scratching post, and a cozy place to curl up.

On a similar note, cats are perfect pets for small apartments or even dorm rooms, since they require very little maintenance and minimal attention in comparison to other pets such as dogs.

Built-in Best Control

If you live in a large home or even a tiny apartment that has a problem with pests, getting a cat can be a great solution. Cats naturally enjoy hunting and catching pests that range from rodents to insects, and can keep these creatures out of your home.

Cats Reduce Stress

Research shows that petting an animal can reduce stress levels and act as a natural mood booster – and there is no animal that loves to be a pet for longer periods of time more than cats! Plus, many cats are naturally cuddly and will prefer to spend time receiving pets and affection from you during your time in the home, making them the perfect pet for those seeking an emotional support animal or wanting to adopt a pet in order to improve their mental health.

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