Top Tips for a Better Love Life

Better Love Life

Have you reached that stage in your life where you feel like you have failed at love too many times to give your new relationship a try or even try to improve the situation with the current one that you have? Well here are few tips to help you through the rough patch and maintain a romance that will last you a lifetime.

1. Make Special Dates:

Somehow most people who have been in a relationship for a long time forget the importance of a special date set aside in the week for romance. There is definitely something exciting and special in dressing up for a date, going to a fancy restaurant spending some alone time together. This is a habit that you must not let go of no matter how old your relationship might be.

2. Take a Trip:

Getting out of your normal schedule once in a while is a great way to keeping the romance alive in a relationship. Take a small trip or a long vacation whichever one your schedule allows and cut yourselves out from the rest of your ordinary life. However don’t take just that one; make this into one of your better habits to take as many trips together as you can.

3. Find Out Exactly What You Both Want:

This holds true for both your sex life as well as your ordinary love life. You and your partner should have some serious discussion on what each of you truly and honestly want out of your relationship. Being honest with each other and really hearing out what your partner has to say will work wonders on your relationship

4. Don’t Brush Any Problem Under the Carpet:

There is nothing worse for a relationship than all the problems that have been piling up over the years or months or even weeks. Instead you should have the courage and the determination to solve every problem that comes your way as a couple instead of choosing to ignore it. Facing your problems will help you get rid of all the anxieties and all the tension that is holding the relationship back.

5. If You Need to be Praised Ask for it:

Sometimes couples actually face anxieties in their relationship because one of both feel like they are being under appreciated. But the fact is that most of the times it is not that your partner is insensitive towards but it might just be that they don’t know how important it is for you. Instead, the next time you buy a new dress, ask your partner whether it looks nice on you or not and satisfy your soul in this simple way.

6. Show Your Appreciation:

However there is always going to be brownie points to be gained if you can do your bit to show appreciation as much as you can. Neither of you should take each other for granted and saying a simple “thank you” or just doing your bit to show that you care will take your relationship a long way. In fact you should set the example and hope that your partner follows suit as well.

7. How You Argue Should Actually be Planned Out:

Yes, since we are all human there are always possibilities that we spin out of control and say things in our rage that we obviously don’t mean. But usually we end up hurting the one we love. So the safer thing to do would be to set some ground rules on how you should fight- and this of course needs to be done when you’re not fighting. These rules could include- never storming out a room when the other one is speaking or even shouting, never using curse words, never bring family into the argument and so on and so forth. The rules can be yours and you will see that the next time you’re arguing and even though you might be very angry those rules will be playing in your head (if the relationship does mean a lot to you).

8. Say Sorry, Even if it is Everyday:

Usually we all make mistakes in a relationship pretty often, another one of the human traits that are worth forgiving. But they are worth forgiving only when you want to be forgiven. Make it a point that you think over everything that you do to upset your partner and don’t hesitate to apologize. Much like learning a new language, you will get used to it. Remember that with your beloved apologizing doesn’t mean demeaning yourself.

9. Physical Intimacy is Very Important:

If you discover that physical intimacy in your relationship is wavering and is not as strong as it used to be you must make sure that you do something about it. The fact is that physically connecting with your partner is a very important aspect of a healthy relationship and you should not ignore it if it is deteriorating. This could be very harmful for your relationship. There are a number of ways to get the spice back into your sex life and you should seriously discuss it with your partner and change things around.

10. Spend a Lot of Time Laughing:

This might sound a bit silly to you but the truth of the matter is that most of us get so busy in our lives that the only time you are talking to your partner is about serious issues or problems etc. Instead what you should do is try and spend as much time together in laughing and in lighter moments as you can- whether it is going for movies that make you laugh, watching television together that will make you laugh, or even getting involved in outdoor activities and games that can make you laugh is a great idea of spending time together. Sometimes a fun laughable time is better spent than moments of intense romance!

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