10 Nutritious Breakfasts Guaranteed to Help Take the Weight Off

Nutritious Breakfast

We all need food to survive but what type of food we take is important. Food that we take should be nutritious. There are many people who skip their breakfast just to keep their weight reduced.

The truth is that breakfast should never be skipped but at the same time it should contain nutritious stuff that will help to maintain a balanced weight. Making the right choice of food reduce the risk of illness such as heart disease, cancer, diabetes as well as it helps to defend against depression. Habit of healthy eating improves the health by boosting the energy, sharpening the memory and also stabilizing the mood.

Breakfast seems to be the most neglected meal of the day. This issue has to be taken into serious consideration while dealing with young children. The benefits of eating a healthy breakfast can be felt only when it includes plenty of fiber and no fatty foods at all.

Staying energetic the whole day is the outcome of having a healthy breakfast. Smart choices for breakfast ideas would include fiber grains, non sugar cereals, fruits, low fat milk and yoghurt, whole wheat, oatmeal and fruit smoothies.

As all of us know breakfast starts the day. Therefore it should contain nutritious food at the same time it should not increase the normal weight of the person. There are certain nutritious breakfasts that are guaranteed to help take the weight off. These foods will definitely help to have a balanced weight and at the same time keep you energetic and fresh for the rest of the day. Such breakfasts can be one among the following:

Cereal and milk :

A bowl of cereal and a glass of milk is a wonderful choice for breakfast. There are two to three acceptable choices of cereals. Cereals also can be taken along with certain mix ins including bananas, fresh and dried berries, honey, and also nuts. Also cereals can be mixed with yogurt and even chocolate milk. Children are sure to like this breakfast if you let them eat in the bowl they like and ask them their choice of cereal.

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Oats :

Here also the choices can be made. Instant oats that are available now in various packs are really effective. Oatmeal can be of different flavors like blueberry, strawberry and even peach. To make the oatmeal more nutritious and tasty it can be topped with yoghurt, apple sauce, fruits and berries, or even with honey. To make it appetizing to the eyes of children you can also add few colorful sprinkles on the oatmeal.

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Eggs :

There can be very few children who do not like egg. Therefore it can be chosen as the breakfast for all children who like it. Again the choice can be omelet, scrambled egg or sunny side up. Eggs can also be served along with sausage, lot of cheeses and cold cuts. Eggs can also be taken along with bacon, toasts, bagels and English muffins. This is very easy to make and will keep you full and happy for hours.

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Cakes :

There are varieties of pancakes that are available. Pancakes can be put in the toaster along with maple syrup and viola if you have no enough time to prepare the breakfast. On other days it can be taken along with batter and fillings. Other items that can be taken along with pancakes can be chopped apples, can berries, peaches, raisins, and marsh mellows.

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French toast :

It is everybody’s favorite and it gives old bread a new life. It takes only few minutes to prepare but it is very yummy and brings a smile on the children’s face when they see it. Mix eggs, cinnamon, brown sugar and beat them along with little milk. Dip the old bread into it and make the toast. You can also enjoy the delicious toast by trying different breads like French bread, raisin bread, challah bread. To have a good treat make the French toast with bacon.

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Waffles :

Waffles seem to be the most easy and healthy breakfast that most of the busy people wish to have. If taken along with yoghurt it becomes even more nutritious. There are also different flavors available so that children do not get bored of eating the same thing. It can be eaten quickly even on your way to car or at your desk when you work.

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Muffins :

This is the breakfast that can be tried on weekends when children are at home. Baking muffins is really a good project that can be worked with children and they are sure to love the delicious breakfast. Muffins always have a good taste and therefore it becomes the favorite food of all. A little honey or jam makes them more perfect.

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Smoothies :

Smoothies are yet again very easy and nutritious. Whatever is available for the season and whatever is available in the refrigerator can go inside the smoothies. Blend for few seconds and then enjoy the yummy smoothies. The choices can be bananas, milk, ice cream, orange juice, honey, butter, nuts and all types of berries.

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Bagels :

This breakfast is very nutritious and there are many options to personalize it also. Most of the people enjoy toasted bagels flavored with cream and cheese. You can also try bagels along with peanut butter and jelly, egg, salad, and salmon.

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Pastries :

Breakfast pastry can be taken on rare occasions though not advisable to take quite often. Though the sugar and fat content are more in pastries they also have protein and carbohydrates. So Taking pastry on a special day when you are out for picnic or so will make the day even more special.

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Always remember to relax and have fun with breakfast. Never stress about it and sooner it will become the most favorite meal of the day. Healthy breakfast gives energy to start the day off right.

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Moreover skipping breakfast will result in over eating at lunch time. Therefore it is good to have a healthy and yummy breakfast to maintain normal weight and proper health.

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