4 Reasons You Should Start Running Today

You’re searching online for a fencing contractor when you notice someone running outside your window. You’ve always wanted to try running but aren’t exactly sure on how it would benefit you. That’s why we’re offering 4 reasons you should start running.

Let’s get into it!

1. Cognitive Benefits

Running helps provide you with mental clarity and focus. There’s a reason that people often go for a run to clear their head. Running allows you the space to connect with both your body and mind. As you’re consciously aware of your breathing and each time you put your foot on the pavement, you’re becoming more mindful.

There are plenty of cognitive benefits when it comes to regularly running. Researchers say that “exercise may also produce new brain cells… which may lead to an overall improvement in brain performance and prevent cognitive decline.”

2. Increase Happiness

Do you know that feeling after or during a run where you just feel like you’re on the air? Some people call this a “runner’s high.” There’s a science behind this feeling. Running or any physical exercise, releases a hormone called endorphins. These hormones are known to increase our happiness which ultimately lower depression and make us feel more excited.

What’s more is that this feeling of increased happiness continues well after your run. This is why some people become almost addicted to running. They are chasing that elated feeling it provides. If you run outside, you also get the healing and mental benefits of spending time in nature as an added bonus.

3. More Energy Throughout the Day

It may seem contradictory, but runners often experience more energy throughout their day. During exercise, your body gets an increase in hormone levels that help you feel more energy. It also helps you to get to sleep faster and usually have a deeper, more quality sleep. In turn, this makes you feel more well-rested with each new day.

You’ll find if you start running regularly, how much your energy levels increase. Your body has become accustomed to working hard instead of conforming or getting used to being stagnant or fatigued. As long as you’re fueling your body properly, with adequate carbohydrate and protein intake, you’re sure to feel the energy benefits of running!

4. Physical Health

It comes as no surprise that running has a positive effect on your physical health. Running is one of the best, full-body exercises you can participate in. Running strengthens not only your legs but your core and arms as well. Additionally, it has a profound impact on your cardiovascular health.

Most runners don’t suffer from obesity. They typically have a lean physical appearance. If you’re wanting to drop some weight, running would be a great place to start. It’s one of your greatest allies when it comes to increasing your physical health.

5. The Rundown

While there are plenty of positive benefits of running, it doesn’t mean it’s for everyone. If you have joint problems, you could consider power walking or another form of cardio to reap some of the benefits of running without injuring yourself. If you’re new to running, consult with a physician to make sure it’s right for you.

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