The Essential Features of an Effective Laboratory

No matter what industry you happen to work in, having an effective laboratory is one of the most important tools you’ll have available in your arsenal.

If your laboratory is set up incorrectly, you’ll end up having a difficult or even impossible time achieving your goals.

How does one go about designing the perfect laboratory environment?

Well, you have to consider a few things that are incredibly important.

First off, cleanliness and efficiency are major factors of every laboratory.

So the design that you put in place needs to be efficient so that everybody is working to the best of their ability, and it needs to be easily cleaned so that you do not unfortunately contaminate the environment.

With that said, we will tell you the essential features that we’ve discovered that are absolutely necessary to create an effective laboratory.

Effective Laboratory
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Laboratory Fume Hoods

If you are building a research laboratory or some kind of scientific lab, laboratory fume hoods are going to be an important feature that you must have in place.

Why are these fume hood so important?

Well, in a lab setting such as this, there are going to be gases and chemical residue that need to be properly disposed of so that it doesn’t cloud the air.

These fume hoods have the ability to remove leftover gases and chemical residues from the environment. And this is an absolute must because you do not want to accidentally contaminate anyone with potentially harmful chemicals.

Not only does this make sense from a health standpoint, but it’s also an absolute must in order to legally comply with the mandatory laws and regulations.

So, it makes a great deal of sense to think about adding laboratory fume hoods to your overall design. Make sure this is a definite factor that you are considering during the planning stage so you do not accidentally overlook it.

Individual Lab Workstations

In a laboratory environment, it makes sense to give everyone the ability to have their own workstation.

So, it obviously makes a great deal of sense to create lab stations that are high quality and the perfect design. Otherwise it’s going to be difficult for employees to get their work done or for students to finish their projects, depending on the reason why you are creating this lab in the first place.

Epoxy is an excellent material to keep in mind for your laboratory design.

You can put in epoxy counter tops, epoxy lab cabinets, and other important workstation items made of this material.

Why use epoxy?

Well, this material is resistant to heat and chemicals. So it’s obviously an excellent choice because you don’t have to worry about any chemical meltdowns accidentally overcoming your workstation.

According to Laboratory Design Services, supplier of lab cabinets, “Our custom designed systems are structured to meet the needs of the industrial, education, healthcare, government and pharmaceutical communities.”

So, if you’re looking for a company to help you design the perfect lab, LDS can definitely lend a helping hand.

Base Units

There is a very good chance that you will need to design a laboratory because casework will be taking place within the lab.

So, you have to think about a number of different things when designing the space.

Will you need a cupboard? Are you going to need additional drawer space? Will the person be sitting or standing or both?

If this is the case, you’re going to need storage units and casework since they are very versatile types of furniture and they are perfect for every laboratory design.


Please pay attention to these guidelines and think about the essential features mentioned to create an effective laboratory the next time you have to design a lab.

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