Healthy Pregnancy Diet

Healthy Pregnancy Diet

Though, you eat well in your pregnancy, you need to frame your mind to have the habit of eating healthy pregnancy diet and it should be well balanced one. It is now very essential to increase your food in all vitamins, minerals and slightly your calories also. Don’t take any junk food as it does not give any calorific value and even it can be said that it gives only empty calories.

As a pregnant mother, if you take healthy pregnancy diet and the better energy you have will help you to have a healthy baby. And it is true, no pregnant woman need so much extra calorie during the earlier months of pregnancy and they need it only in the last three months. It is also true again, that it is not essential to have large quantity of diet to be added and merely adding additional  two rottis (not ghee added) or even two idlies (boiled rice cake) to your routine diet is enough to have the additional 200 calories for your growing child in the uterus.

During pregnancy, the appetite is not a constant one and it varies throughout pregnancy. You may assess yourself about what and how much you need to eat and it can be self assessed by the appetite.

Appetite is the best indicator for this purpose of assessment. As a rule, the early pregnancy is affected by vomiting and it is because of the morning sickness and during this period the pregnant woman can not take any routine or a healthy pregnancy diet. The middle period of pregnancy is somewhat better in diet taking after the arrest of vomiting.  And it is certain, that the last period of pregnancy is better to increase the extra calorie and to improve the healthy pregnancy diet.

Have the diet many times in small quantity if you feel fullness of abdomen. Have your diets whenever you have the feeling of hungry and make it as a rule. Don’t worry about your appetite changes. Watch your weight gain and it will be monitored with the help of your doctor.

It is very important that you should understand that your body now will require all nutrients and for which you have to prepare yourself to have the healthy pregnancy diet and best balanced diet. It is achieved by taking all kinds of foods from different variety of food groups.

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You should know that protein, fiber, minerals and vitamins are very essential for you and your baby. Buttermilk, yogurt, skimmed milk and cheese are having large quantity of calcium, essential amino acids and vitamins. Proteins are richly available in whole grains, dals, pulses and cereals. As you know well, green vegetables and fresh fruits are having good fiber, vitamins and minerals. Animal proteins are found in meat, fish and poultry and in persons those who do not take meat and fish it is well compensated by nuts, legumes and eggs. As a pregnant woman that you should know that taking healthy pregnancy diet is important and it is most important that you should know that you should keep your body well hydrated by drinking lot of water and especially pure water free from all viruses and bacterias which may affect you and your growing baby. Try to take pure water always whenever in and out of your home. Take much fresh fruit juices with a little sugar added. Please avoid oils like ghee and vanaspathi which contains saturated fats.

Be careful while taking sea fishes like shark and it sometimes may have the mercury above the safer level. It is obtained by them from the water in nature and it may be retained the in the fish muscles even after cooking. Like that, the food containing much salt is to be avoided and the example is processed preserved fish in salt and even a pickle with high content of salt.

Avoid much raw sea foods, more cheese, avoid unpasteuraised milk. Your unborn baby will be affected if you have eaten any meat or fish without proper cooking. She or he will be easily infected in the womb itself. Too much vitamin A is not good for your growing child and hence you may avoid such foods like liver which contain high retinol.

Understand yourself about your history of allergy due to food like peanut and avoid passing on it to your developing babies. You should be very clear in understanding alcohol avoidance. Avoid smoking during your pregnancy. Avoid even too much caffeine. Many researches so far conducted indicate these habits are linked to the possibilities of having the babies with birth defects, mental disability, miscarriage and lower weight babies.

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Vitamin mineral supplement, folic acid, necessary vitamins, minerals and especially calcium are very essential for pregnant woman and her developing baby. But taking much level of these is toxic to the baby and it is not wise to take these things on your own. Consult with your doctor and he knows well to take care about you and your unborn child with all healthy pregnancy diet.

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