10 Exclusive Mother’s Day Gift Ideas To Create Lasting Memories!

You’re all grown up but that beautiful woman still carries you inside her and treats you like a kid. She may be young and pretty or old and cantankerous; but she is the reason you exist.  She has spent her life keeping you safe, searching for that missing bathing suit, mediating fights, treating your injuries, buying you surprise gifts and making sure there’s enough milk for breakfast.

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

It’s time again to celebrate the toughest job: motherhood. Reward her for all the hard work. Even if all you can give her is some “mom” time.  She really doesn’t look for a better Mother’s Day present.

This day is listed by The National Retail Federation as the highest gift-spending holiday in the U.S. with around $14.6 billion spent each year.  But not all mothers expect or want conventional gifts such as jewelry or flowers.  In a survey conducted by Forbes, the resounding response was “spending time with loved ones.”

Another poll conducted on 250 mothers to find out what they would like on Mother’s Day, revealed that 54% of the mothers wanted “Well-behaved kids” and 29% wanted time for themselves and most of them talked about spas. The next best thing on their list is gift cards.

You can certainly include gifts like chocolates, jewelry, accessories or clothes, based on what your mom likes, but mix them in with the gift of “time” for your mother.

Spa and Salon Experience

Does your mom look stressed out?  Have you watched her struggle all year long with no time for herself?  Just help her unwind.

This is innovative and big on the list of this year’s Mother’s Day gifts.  Spending on relaxation and beautification is worth it, especially when it means pampering your mom.  Sons can purchase gift certificates and daughters can share an afternoon with their mothers at a luxury spa or Salon for either makeup lessons or getting a blowout and applications, before the Mother’s Day brunch.

If she wants to get away and be by herself, you can even sign her up for a relaxing pampered weekend at a good resort spa close by for a couple of days during some weekend of her preference. Exotic mud baths, body massages and facial treatments will rejuvenate her completely.

If you have the money to spend, why not get her a lovely, surprise package at her doorstep every month or six times in a year.  This will certainly be a beautiful surprise for her.  Just make sure she likes the place though.

Husbands and children can also look at supplying gift baskets of spa goodies to help mom create her own home spa; which includes bath salts, oils, fragrant soaps, loofah, back brush, relaxing candles, and pumice stone.

Deals: SpaFinder’s SpaRahRah is a spa treatment platform that offers savings at spas in cities like New York, Los Angeles, Boston, Miami and Philadelphia. For example, starting Friday, it has a 50% Mother’s Day special discount on facial, manicure, massage and glass of wine at Claudalie at The Plaza Hotel.  Check them out, the cost is pretty reasonable.  You can also find spa treatments under $100 with a 50% discount at SpaRahRah.  Another site that features deep discounts on spa deals is SpaWeek.

Gift Cards

It’s not just spas that are high on the list of Mothers this season. Gift Cards are said to be high on the preferred Mother’s Day gifts. You can find gift cards that cost much less than their original cost.  Check out Plastic Jungle that offers up to 35% discount on several gift cards.  These people obtain these gift cards from people looking to cash in on their plastic gift cards and they resell them to consumers. Others who sell discounted Mother’s day gift cards include that offers up to 25% discount and Cardpool offering up to 35% discount.

Mother’s Day Getaways

Casinos: If you’re mom loves casinos, book a luxury room for two in the city and take her to the casino and let her unwind amidst the roulette wheels and slot machines.  She loves wine? Take her wine tasting for a beautiful experience.  How about a Limo for a day, if you’re up to it?

Family: If you think you’re mom misses her family, you can surprise her with a visit to her family and close friends during the Mother’s Day weekend.

Adventure: For an outdoor mom, there’s the backpacking getaway and a day filled with adventure sports, such as kayaking, rock climbing, fly fishing, skiing, and anything else for that matter.

Picnics: A picnic is a great gift for children to give their mothers as they’re affordable and can be enjoyed as a family.  All the arrangements can be done by you, including arranging for the food and drink.

A Clean House

For mothers who take care of all the cleaning by themselves, the ultimate Mother’s Day gift would be to surprise your mom with a visit from a maid from the cleaning agency.  Pay and get a one-time house cleaning done.  They charge per hour and this is certainly worth the money, as your mom can spend time with the family and not worry about the chores at least during the Mother’s Day Weekend. If you want this to be a surprise, how about combining this with a visit to the spa and get the house cleaned by the time she returns.  This will surely make her day.

Personalized Gifts

For younger children, dad’s can help them create some personalized gifts as a surprise for mom, and believe me, there can be nothing more meaningful to her.

Michaels, North America’s largest arts and crafts specialty retailer, is conducting a week-long series of in-store Mother’s Day gift-making events. Since their workshops are being held in most of their stores in U.S. and Canada, you can check with them to see if there’s one close to you. Through these workshops, kids of all ages can create a completely free or low cost gift for their moms, such as bracelets, T-shirts, frames, clay pots and others.  Read more about it here.

This is one of the most traditional yet best Mother’s Day gift ideas, as children get a sense of accomplishment and pride from giving their mom something they made with their own hands.

Photo Slideshow

What can be better than the gift of sweet memories? We all have plenty of them stored away somewhere at the back of the cupboard in albums we hardly take out.

If you’re up to it and have the time, why not keep all mom’s favorite pictures ready; everything from her childhood, her parents, her friends, you and your dad, and jazz up her memories with a photo slideshow. If you’re tech savvy and have the right software, you can put it together yourself, or even ask a friend for help. But if you want, you can get this package from Shutterfly, and it comes with transitions and customized music. It costs $19.99.

Alternatively, I really liked this metal family tree where you can hang small pictures in frames. The base can also be engraved with a personal message. This can make a wonderful gift for your mother who will love watching her loved ones day-in and day-out. It costs $39.

Convert Picture to Oil Painting

The best Mother’s Day gift by a clear mile is converting your mom’s favorite photo into an oil painting, whether it’s a family picture, her favorite dog, her favorite nanny or her own parent’s photo – anyone that is close to her heart.  This is a gift she will treasure for life. Check locally and you’ll find someone who does this.

Green Gifts

Eco-friendly Mother’s Day gifts don’t cost the Earth. They can be in the form of potted plants or plants for the garden, which you can, along with your mother, plant and grow.

If you think she needs professional help with her garden, get a gift certificate for the lawn or professional gardening services.  This will not only save her time but she will be thrilled at finally getting something she wanted for long done.

Consumer Electronic Gifts

Instead of simply giving mom flowers that don’t last, why not gift her something that will help make her hectic life easier and fun. Moms are always looking to make their lives simple, and electronic gifts can help mom all year-round.

For a career mom who has to balance work and home life, something like a netbook, e-reader and a tablet can help her manage her schedule, read books or surf the Internet.  Some of the best out there are Sony five-inch eReader, costing around $139.00; Toshiba 10-inch Netbook that costs $279.00; and Acer Aspire One 10.1 inch Netbook for $249.00.

If you’re looking for something simple and cheaper, then help mom make the best of the little free time she has with digital picture frames, noise canceling headphones and Blu-ray disc players.  Sony’s Noise-Canceling Headphones cost around $49; Pandigital 10.1 inch Digital Photo Frame costs around $79; and Blu-ray Disc Player from Panasonic will be around $99. Make sure you check all the merchants to try and find the best deal.

Time Coupons

This is certainly the most unique gift of all, especially for mothers who handle a lot by themselves with little outside help.  You can gift her “handmade” coupons that she can redeem at any point for personally delivered services such as baby sitting, cooking, laundry, gardening, cleaning or just spending time with her.

Whether it’s a clean house, a day at a spa or wine tasting, if Mother’s Day Gifts create a lasting memory, it’s money well spent. Mother’s say they don’t care what their children, as long as they have made an effort and put a little bit of thought into it.

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