Best Christmas Movies – The Top 10 Holiday Films Ever!

When you talk about the Best Christmas Movies, there are a few chartbusters that will figure on all top 10 Holiday Films list that anyone can chart out. As the Holiday Season floats round the corner, everyone wants to reminiscence their happiest memories, listen to holiday songs and watch their favorite movies with friends and families. But what is it about these Best Christmas Movies that makes us want to watch them over and over, every year around Christmas time? Well, we all have our different reasons. But the biggest reason of all is that these movies set in the mood for Christmas and New Years; bringing with them happy memories and a joyful mood that makes the festive season so joyous.

What makes Best Christmas Movies so popular?

Americans love their yearly dose of Holiday movies, especially as Christmas comes around. And they all need the same things – good humor, fantastical whimsy, a lot of emotion and a good happy ending where good always wins over the evil. These movies become a merry tradition in all households, where parents start watching them one after the other as the kids count the days down to Christmas Eve.

You’ll find that every single year there are so many Christmas movies that are released. But not each and every one of those manages to get on your Top 10 Holiday Films list. Each person might have a different list. And the reason is that while you may enjoy watching certain movies over and over, the next person’s choice might be slightly different. But these Holiday movies will have one thing in common – we all would like to watch them over and over every Holiday Season. Your heart will light up like a bulb when the movie is running on TV again; you’ll rearrange plans to make time to catch the movie and be ready with a big bowl of popcorn to once again lose yourself in the happy world where Santa really exists or Elves do work really hard to make sure we all have gifts on Christmas eve.

These are movies you want to watch with your loved one, your kids and your pets – anyone who makes you feel loved and comfortable. And these are the movies you’d like to show to your kids one day too to set in the perfect happy mood for Christmas.

So let’s take a look at the Top 10 Holiday Films of all times, and see how many of them you have watched already. And if there are a few you haven’t, well then you know which ones to rent this Christmas season to enjoy watching with your family!

1. Home Alone

[youtube ec8lySpMhUk 600×305]

Christmas cannot be the same without watching Macaulay Culkin and his antics in Home Alone 1 or 2. The original Home Alone 1 is a classic, loved by people of all ages as it talks of an adventure of a young boy when he gets left behind by his family on their vacation out of town on Christmas. Kevin McCallister must fend for himself as he gets left behind over the holidays, and must find a way to protect his home from being burgled. But though the 1990 blockbuster has achieved classical status, the sequel Home Alone: Lost in New York is equally funny.

2. A Christmas Story

[youtube uvMLfSQrHKE 600 350]

The perfect quintessential Christmas movie, that brings back cherished memories of unbridled laughter and happy times, this 1983 classic is a must have on every Top 10 Holiday Films lists. One of the best Christmas movies, this one urges you to love Ralphie Parker, as he attempts to nab the perfect Christmas gift and gives you many opportunities to laugh along the way!

3. It’s a Wonderful Life

[youtube LJfZaT8ncYk 600 350]

Who said that the Top 10 Holiday Films list will have movies just for kids? Well, Christmas can never be the same until you enjoy it with George Bailey. An old classic, released in 1946, this is another one of the best Christmas movies ever made and is a perennial Christmas favorite in many households. With one of the greatest endings ever made in Hollywood, this one is bound to remind you of Charles Dickson’s – A Christmas Carol.

4. The Polar Express

[youtube Cht63QybtiA 600 350]

Who can argue that no one knows Hollywood and understands what viewers want better than Tom Hanks? The 3 times Oscar winner plays many roles in this movie, but somehow his presence doesn’t overpower the movie at any point. The high point of the movie – his role as Santa; though one has to agree the entire movie is masterfully executed to capture the hypnotic, merry mood of Christmas and lift your heart by the end.

5. Elf

[youtube dJU1SZIfK3Y 600 350]

What will Christmas be without watching Elf again! This 2003 classic depicting Buddy, a happy go lucky elf played by Will Ferrell who leaves in order to find his dad in New York and save him from Santa! You are bound to laugh through this one!

6. Miracle on 34th Street

[youtube 1tJu-FjxPFg 600 350]

This 1947 classic will make you belief in Santa once again. The performances by Maureen O’Hara and Edmund Gwenn have never been equaled by others, and this one is certainly one of the best Christmas movies ever made. A perfect holiday time watch, this one manages to find its way on every Top 10 Holiday Films list ever made!

7. The Grinch

[youtube XYRnwWmteac 600 350]

And just like Christmas can never be the same without Santa, what would it mean without the Grinch trying to steal it away? A fictional character that was created by Dr. Seuss, this 2000 classical comedy featuring Jim Carrey is guaranteed to make you laugh and cry, all at once. In fact, the Grinch is the 2nd highest grossing Best Christmas movies of all times, making $345,141,403 worldwide, the first being Home Alone.

8. Bad Santa

[youtube IHR5ljAFCGE 600 350]

For those who look for the dark side in everyone, even Santa, this 2003 chartbuster is for you! So if you love black comedies and want to see a vulgar, robbing, hilarious Santa, this one is a must watch!

9. Jingle all the Way

[youtube h6t3lSlMHkQ 600 350]

Who can resist a Christmas movie where a father will go to any lengths just to get his son the Christmas gift he wants really badly? With Schwarzenegger and Sinbad fighting over a Turbo-Man to gift to their sons in order to prove they are the best dad (respectively to their sons) this one is touching, warm, funny and memorable. Definitely has earned the right to be on the Top 10 Holiday Films list.

10. Four Christmases

[youtube EeXzk1xNC54 600 350]

If you are in a relationship and somehow hate the fact that you must travel all the distance to see your parents every year instead of spending Christmas with your beloved, this movie is for you. One of the best Christmas movies ever made, this one features Vince Vaughn and Reese Witherspoon as they reluctantly go meet their crazy relatives over Christmas, only to realize that it is all their presences that make Christmas the merry festival it is!

And that is our Top 10 Holiday Films list, with some old, some new best Christmas movies ever made. So go ahead and watch these this season, to feel nostalgic and happy once again this Christmas. Merry Christmas!

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