4 Pests you’re Likely to Carry Home from Your Travels

Before we know it, the sunny days will be here and everyone will begin packing their bags to get a few days off in the warmth. Going on holiday is good for you, especially in the summer. Rest assured that you’ll come back from the trip refreshed and highly motivated.

However, you also need to beware that the world out there is full of creepy insects always looking for a way to enter your home. If they can somehow get into one of your suitcases, they’ll be happy to catch a ride back with you. You need to watch out for these pests and ensure that they don’t get anywhere near your home.

Here are four notorious culprits that you should be watching out for;

Bed bugs

Bed bugs
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Bedbugs are seasoned hitchhikers. The worst thing about them is that given their size, they can crawl into literally any space. This means they could easily latch onto just about anything coming into your home including bedding, clothes, furniture, TVs, and so on. Moreover, these bugs can live for several months without feeding. So, a bedbug could lie quietly in one of your suitcases for a long time, only coming out weeks after you’ve arrived home. Once they come out, all hell could break loose. A single bedbug can produce thousands of offspring in a short time leading to a full-blown infestation.


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Fleas are mostly associated with pets, especially dogs. But that doesn’t mean that you won’t carry a few back home just because you don’t own a pet. In fact, studies show that fleas are attracted to any warm-blooded host – including humans. Similar to bed bugs, these pests tend to attach themselves to pretty much everything, from clothing to shoes and luggage. They are also very tiny meaning that spotting them wherever they might be hiding isn’t easy. Fleas are known to transfer tapeworms and cause anemia in pets. In humans, a flea bite can trigger serious allergic reactions. Getting them off your property should therefore be a priority.


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Cockroaches are a bit different compared to fleas and bedbugs. In any case, they are bigger meaning that it would be easier to spot and deal with them. The problem is that cockroaches are also very sneaky. They know when to come out and when to remain out of sight and can hide in those hard to reach places. To deal with these pests, you should start by maintaining a clean home. If you’re out there camping in your RV, ensure that the whole place is tidy. Cockroaches are essentially scavengers that are attracted to food. Spraying the entire RV with a powerful pesticide would also help.


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Finally, ants are found everywhere and will therefore pose a major challenge wherever you go. Even in the cleanest hotels, you may still come across one. They are attracted to the smell of food, especially sugary foods. Therefore, to protect yourself from these pests and ensure that they are not going back home with you, ensure to properly seal all your food items. Remember that dealing with ants once they get into your home can be very difficult. These pests reproduce quickly and in large numbers and are always on the move. So wiping out an entire colony is not easy. The solution is to ensure that you’re not taking them home in the first place.


Always work closely with an exterminator New Jersey to keep away these nasty pests. This will save you a lot of time and resources while allowing you to enjoy complete peace of mind on your travels.

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