Adopt a New Lifestyle by Smoking E-cigarettes

Is smoking cool? Not really, but vaping seems to be the in-thing. An e-cigarette is a cylindrical device made from plastic or stainless steel. It mimics a normal cigarette in use and appearance, but it does not contain tobacco. Instead, an e-cig contains propylene glycol, flavor, water, and sometimes nicotine. You can purchase either a rechargeable one or the pre-filled disposable varieties. The former provides a very close experience to that of smoking. Although they vary in size and flavor, an e-cig consists of a battery and an atomizer that converts e-juice to vapor.

Smoking E-cigarettes
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When nicotine is included, the amount usually starts at 28 milligrams; you can gradually transition to lower amounts. The most popular are the 14 and 7-milligram varieties. The batteries are often rechargeable and when you inhale the vapor, an indicator light glows, mimicking a lit cigarette. With small batteries, the e-cigarette can last for an hour to an hour and a half. Big batteries, however, last for up to six hours. Vaping requires a gentler and longer pull than that taken when smoking a cigarette and produces a very slight odor.

Who uses e-cigarettes?

Most users are usually people who are hoping to quit cigarettes. There is some evidence that the devices are assisting people. However, some people are smoking e-cigs as a lifestyle choice. Even those who are quitting normal cigarettes are opting to keep smoking e-cigs because they are cool.

How do they work?

When you puff on the end of an e-cig, the battery heats the nicotine up, creating a vapor that you inhale into the lungs. You will end up feeling smoke in the mouth and lungs without really smoking. This is usually called vaping.

The pros of e-cigarettes

Unlike tobacco products, there aren’t any laws prohibiting e-cig use in public. Here are some other pros of smoking e-cigarettes:

  • Cost-effective – one electronic cigarette cartridge can last as long as 20 normal cigs. This means that smoking an e-cig will save you a lot of money in the end.
  • Do not smell – electronic cigarettes do not smell, enabling the smoker to smoke in public places without offending other people.
  • Fewer health risks – because e-cigs lack chemicals like ash and tar, they are far better for smoking. Tar accumulates in the lungs, making them more vulnerable to infections such as cancer. Ash and tar also lead to the staining of fingers and teeth.
  • Make it easier to quit – when you smoke e-cigs, it becomes easier to quit smoking tobacco cigarettes. This is because they are far less addictive and you can reduce your nicotine consumption over time.
  • Variety – e-cigs offer more variety in terms of taste and flavors to buy. They also come in different nicotine dosages, allowing you to choose the right dosage.

Cons of e-cigs

  • E-cigs require some adjustment – smokers who want to switch from tobacco to electronic cigarettes need some time to adjust. This is because their bodies are so used to the toxins found in normal cigarettes that they find it hard to get used to e-cigs.
  • Health risks – although minor, there are some health risks associated with smoking electronic cigarettes. Some common side effects include dehydration and a slight addiction.
  • Order online – if you want an e-cig, you have to order it online. This can be a problem for people who are not used to the internet.

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