A 1-2-3 Guide to Accessorizing Your Bathroom

Whether you are simply replacing your bathroom vanity, or you are in the midst of a total redesign of your bathroom space, the challenge today often becomes not whether you can find the accessories you envision, but how to choose from amongst so many wonderful options. This means that, along with the excitement of watching your vision come to life, you may also be experiencing some very normal anxiety or even frustration in sorting through your options as they relate to colors, shapes, sizes, configurations and more. While the growing popularity of online web stores can make shopping easier, because you can see your options laid out before you on the screen, still, there is much to consider in designing a bathroom that will both look lovely and also serve in all of the ways as a functional space as well. The key to accessorizing any bathroom space is found in addressing lighting, color scheme and layout. Learn here about different things to consider with this easy 1-2-3 guide to accessorizing your bathroom.


Whether your space is small or large, the lighting you choose can either amplify or minimize this effect. For a very small space, using a combination of open mirrored storage shelves and a large bathroom vanity mirror, along with inset lighting and softer incandescent lighting, can make your space seem much larger than it actually is. In the same way, if your bathroom seems cavernous, or disappears into various nooks and crannies, then adding soft lighting in the form of mini lights spaced evenly on a wall or ceiling, or a drop-chandelier in spaces where ceiling height will allow for this safely, can create a warm and intimate feeling of luxury and coziness. Because today’s accessories are often multi-functional, such as cabinetry or shelving that has inset lighting, you can find creative ways to maximize storage space, and at the same time, create the look and feel you want for your bathroom space.

Color Scheme

The color scheme you choose for your bathroom will be equally important to creating the look and feel that you want in your new bathroom area. A good general rule of thumb you can use to choose your color scheme is that lighter neutral colors will make a space seem larger than it is, and darker colors will make a space seem smaller than it is. In addition, certain colors can make a space feel more welcoming because of the warm tones they incorporate, such as reddish brown, cheery yellow, soothing teal and others. In the same way, certain fabrics, such as plush, velvet, and thick pile carpeting can lend to an atmosphere of luxury and retreat. Conversely, colors such as pale grey, sea green, soothing taupe and other pale pastels and neutrals can lend an aura of relaxation and peace to your bathroom. While it can be easy to decide to just stick to solid colors if you are new to interior design, adding patterns and texture can really bring out the beauty in your bathroom. The key is to pick one main “theme” color and choose patterns that accentuate that theme color as well as offering some color diversity.


Finally, accessorizing your bathroom space successfully will eventually come down to layout. Here, asking yourself certain key questions, such as how much storage you need, how many people will use the bathroom space regularly, whether children or elderly loved ones with safety concerns may need to make use that particular bathroom, whether you tend towards neatness or clutter and other questions so you can pick the most functional, as well as, the most attractive accessories. While large spaces offer different challenges than smaller spaces, the best way to approach accessorizing from a layout perspective is to answer these questions first, and then you will know how to target your search toward single use or multi-purpose accessories, such as an over-commode storage shelf system, a vanity that doubles as shelving and a lighting system or other options. Even artwork can be functional, and adding even a single piece of unique artwork with a functional aspect, such as a handcrafted wall sconce, a stained glass mosaic with a small bathroom vanity mirror in the center, or shelving styled in the theme of your bathroom (such as a bird, clouds, or flowers) can bring the entire bathroom space together.


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Zhana Gampiri moved from Russia to New York City with her family as a girl. Today she is an interior designer who excels at bringing diverse cultural influences together.

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