5 Ways to Improve Your Skincare Routine

These days, it seems like everyone has an in-depth- multi-step skincare routine. Caring for your skin is extremely important, so it’s crucial to build a routine full of high-quality products that you follow regularly. If your skincare routine is lacking or if you want to improve the quality of your skin following injections from The Institute of Natural Health, here are a few tips.

Skincare Routine

1. Cleanse Twice a Day

While many people think that washing their face before bed to remove makeup or dirt from the day is sufficient, the truth is that washing your face in the morning and evening is important and can help resolve issues including acne, oiliness, dryness, and more.

2. Add a Serum

While it’s no secret that moisturizing your skin after cleansing is extremely important, take hydration one step further by adding a serum to your skincare routine. Whether you need a hydrating serum to add a little extra moisture to dry skin or opt for a serum with Vitamin C to brighten dull skin, this is a vital step that many people skip.

3. Exfoliate Once Per Week

Exfoliating is one of the best things you can do for your skin, especially if you struggle with dryness or acne as a result of clogged pores. Over-exfoliating can be extremely harmful, however, and can make existing skin issues significantly worse. Invest in high-quality sea salt or sugar scrub (make sure it doesn’t contain exfoliating “beads” aka microplastics) and make sure you exfoliate no more than once per week to keep your skin soft and glowing without any damage.

4. Never Forget Sunscreen

Wearing sunscreen every day is the best way to avoid the effects of aging such as wrinkles and to combat damage from harsh UV rays that can lead to health complications including skin cancer. Wearing a moisturizer that contains SPF is not enough, even if you don’t anticipate spending much time in the sun on a particular day. Always opt for a sunscreen that contains SPF 50 or higher, and remember to reapply regularly especially if you are sweating or frequently touching your face.

5. Lock in Moisture

If you struggle with dryness, moisturizing your skin and ensuring that the moisture is effectively locked into your skin is important. Before bed, apply your usual moisturizer, then apply a thin layer of healing ointment such as Vaseline or Aquaphor over top in order to create a barrier between your skin and any drying elements.

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