The Best GPS Systems of the Latest Technology

Best GPS Systems

It takes tremendous amount of background effort and struggle to construct a device that is categorized among the best GPS systems nowadays. Many organizations are operating with immense effort, hard enough to make a considerable name among the best GPS systems these days. As a matter of fact there is a humongous amount of variety and variation among the upcoming best GPS systems of 2017. Thus, divulging the best GPS systems is similar to finding a needle in a haystack. However, after extensive research analysis, we have entered into an arena to excavate the best GPS systems this year. A conscientious GPS system requires ease of accessibility, high efficiency and response time, pragmatic interconnection among the user and the gadget, elegant reliability, lifetime mapping, wireless interlinking, astonishingly conspicuous resolution and further relative features.

Garmin Drive 51 LMT-S

1.    Garmin Drive 51 LMT-S

After hitting the market, this device has caused a gigantic amount of commotion. Most consumer reports and analogies have formidably assisted Garmin Drive 51 LMT-S to be categorized as the best among best. No wonder, it is an absolute package that comes along with spectacular perks and privileges that no other GPS system has ever attained. It provides you with a numerous possible ways to track and achieve the desired destination. Not only does it acquires a user with information regarding traffic alerts and weather but, also educates about the parking costs, parking vacancy and warning and detrimental cost regarding over speeding. Also, it comes along with Wi-Fi supported camera to provide the user a luxurious display along the way.

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Nuvi Garmin 57LM GPS Navigator System

2.    Nuvi Garmin 57LM GPS Navigator System

In contrast to the first GPS system mentioned above, Garmin 57LM GPS system happens to be almost in the same league. Categorically speaking, this device has contained a place among one of the leading devices of its genre. With flamboyant features like optionally activated voice recognition, a broad vision LED, cellular phone synchronization via Bluetooth, financially assistive cost, highly eminent mapping covering a total of 49 lower states of USA and other mandatory attributes, this device is a whole package of technological bliss bestowed upon the user itself. Moreover, it handles a thousand numerous waypoints including the facility to refrain from ludicrously busy highways and toll roads.

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TomTom VIA 1505M World Traveler Edition

3.    TomTom VIA 1505M World Traveler Edition

TomTom 1505M is one of the most versatile and user friendly productions introduced to the World by the TomTom organization. A 5-inch touchscreen, which has conquered the capability of acquiring the most rapid roots towards the user desired destination. It entertains a customer with the finest ETAs. Furthermore, it contains stored life times which are comprehensively updated along with the swift of time. It covers the absolute regional area of countries dwelling within the European peninsula such as US, Canada, Mexico and many more. It provides all the mandatory information that a user requires achieving a state of self satisfaction for the amount of money invested for this piece of technology.

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Tomtom Go 50 S

4.    Tomtom Go 50 S

Similar to the previously discussed model of TomTom, this is another pick of a GPS system that is absolutely reliable for destination tracking. Despite of its lacking features, this model is a complete GPS unit that provides you with the most rapid possible routes to prevail to the acquired location. As a matter of fact, this device does not offer luxuries such as earlier demonstrated models of Garmin but, it does offer all the necessary features such as lane assistance, hands-free Bluetooth and preloaded maps of US, Canada and Mexico. Moreover, this gadget is most exotically acknowledged as a budget pick among all the GPS systems. A glimpse of this bulky model might not seem as a technological blessing. But, categorically speaking, this device allows even slightly indigent people to cherish the privileges of a comprehensive GPS system on their side.

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Garmin 55 LMT

5.    Garmin 55 LMT

Here is another astounding GPS Navigator developed by the Garmin organization. A device that is not bounded to be impaired with a cell phone in order to acquire lifetime live traffic updates. It contains all the necessary and basic features that an exquisite GPS system upholds. The device lacks in verbal recognition software and comprises of a resistive touchscreen that is not as responsive in nature compared to a capacitive one. On the other hand, it is configured with the capability of being manipulated vertically as well as horizontally. Among its competitors, this GPS system tends to be a better option having all the necessities that a consumer might demand.

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Magellan Roadmate 5230T-LM

6.    Magellan Roadmate 5230T-LM

After many years of conscientiousness and endeavors, this organization has paved an innovative away among the top GPS systems of today. Magellan Roadmate 5320 is unique in its own style. This GPS system is still discriminated when contrasted among other organizations of the same criteria but, it does flashes an ostentatious and a flamboyant outlook when visualized upfront. Along with its compact size of about 5 inches, it entertains a user with life time map updates and live traffic information. Rather than turns, it informs the customer using landmark navigation and because of that some people might abhor this device. On the other hand, some people analyze this feature as a garish fluctuation. Above all, there is no reason to deny that Magellan Road mate has conquered a place among one of the most splendid GPS systems in terms of utilization.

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Comparison and Contrast of Some of the Most Fascinating GPS Systems Nowadays:

Model: Price Size Live Traffic Updates Display Type Battery Weight

In grams

Garmin Drive 51 LMT-S 


$169.99 5 and 6 inches Yes Capacitive Lithium Ion 170.8 Yes
Garmin Nuvi 57LM $114.69 5 inches Yes Resistive Lithium Ion 181.4 Yes
TomTom VIA 1505M $199.95 5 inches Yes Resistive Lithium Ion 218 Yes
Tomtom Go 50 S


$82.44 5 inches Yes Resistive Lithium Ion 235 Yes
Garmin Nuvi 55 LMT


$159.95 5 inches Yes Resistive Lithium Ion 181.4 Yes
Magellan Roadmate 5230T-LM


$169.99 5 inches Yes Resistive Lithium Ion 173 Yes

Succinct View

GPS system is a device that comprises of a capability to turn a simple road trip into an epic glorifying journey. Driving a car might be a hectic job sometime but, these systems have turned this task in to an effortless prospective. Also, some of the latest technologies among demonstrated above, contain some garishly mystifying features. They allow the user to not only reach a destination with prophylactic measures, but illustrate enough information to refrain from time constrained routes. It merely depends upon the user itself that what kind of GPS system is symbolically suitable. Consequently saying, the day is not far when these products will endure enough to become a second nature gadget to the human world.

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