Intel and Nokia Release MeeGo v1.0

MeeGo v1.0

The newly created and oddly named open source mobile operating system from Intel and Nokia has been released. MeeGo, a combination of Intel’s Moblin and Nokia Maemo, is designed for netbooks, tablets, mobile phones, and any other mobile device you can imagine.

This first release is primarily designed for netbooks and has been released in hopes that developers will begin creating applications for it. Nevertheless, folks at MeeGo considered it stable enough to call it v1.0, although every developer seems to have their own vision of what stable really means.

The release counts among its features:

  • Instant sychronized calendar, tasks, appointments, and social networking via the home screen (much like the Moblin home screen)
  • Social networking status updates, content aggregation, and interaction with friends
  • Google Chrome browser  (or Chromium for those who do not like Google’s user agreement)
  • Linux Kernel 2.6.33
  • Qt 4.6

In addition to the release of the OS itself, the Meego API, SDK, and other tools have also been released for netbooks, with another release for handsets scheduled for June. The OS release schedule will be every six months, and MeeGo v1.1, scheduled for October, will support touch-screen devices like Handsets, Tablets, and Vehicle Infotainment systems.

[youtube 7VXTH3vitlo 500 375]

The downloadable 800MB ISO image can be copied to a USB drive or CD.  Users can then boot from the live image without installing it or making any changes to their current netbooks. If they like it, they have the option to install. Supported netbooks include numerous Atom-based EeePCs, Dell Inspiron mini, Acer Aspire, Lenovo S10, MSI U130, HP mini, and Toshiba NB302.

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