LEDs And IoT: Changing How We Understand Lighting

A Low-Impact Solution

LED technology is revolutionizing the way we think about lighting in modernity. It provides the same kind of illumination as incandescent bulbs, in terms of luminosity, while not using nearly so much energy. This diminishes environmental impact in a successively positive trend which is lowering negative aspects of energy production the world over.

Since LEDs are able to provide the same level of light without using as much power, that means broad applications of the tech can cut down the necessary power needs of a given community, and thereby the polluted output of even the greenest energy solutions.

Make no mistake, even wind and solar energy have fallout of the impactful variety. Solar panels must be mass-produced, and there’s no way to do that without a footprint.Wind energy costs more to install and maintain than the output it produces, in many cases; meaning though it provides clean energy, set-up is extremely negative.

LED technology
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Certainly there are downsides to LED tech, but these are much less pronounced and certainly less than that which silhouettes incandescent production. Part of the reason resides in that which defines LED itself.

It’s easy to misunderstand what LED tech is, and what it does. According to, an LED light fixtures manufacturer, “The term LED gets thrown around so much in the modern lexicon that it is quite easy to use the acronym without actually realizing what it even means.”

Basically, LED stands for Light Emitting Diode. Without getting into specifics, diodes are a very energy-efficient electronic innovation. Continuing innovations have made their illuminative application more useful than ever.

A Match Made In Heaven

One of the most exciting innovations LED is being used to streamline today involves the Internet of Things, or IoT. IoT refers to increasingly prolific application of WiFi technology such that common appliances can be controlled via smartphone or other internet-enabled device. Use your smartwatch or your smartcar, if you like.

When it comes to LEDs, you can install a strip of them that have a spectrum incorporating multiple colors, then link that to an IoT apparatus which gives your smartphone complete control. You can turn them red or green with the swipe of a screen. Turn off your lights from your bed with your smartphone and don’t discomfit yourself with an additional chore.

Whether your needs tend toward romantic exploits, a peaceful indigo illumination to pacify a stressful day, or varying multi-colored party lights, you can set your LEDs to do as you wish from your phone.

You can control interior lights, exterior lights, and any others you’ve connected with a WiFi apparatus. This is making set-design and live performance more interactive and exciting than ever. The possibilities are just now being realized, and they are continuing to burgeon into increasingly astonishing areas of influence.

For a DIY project that has a huge wow factor, is good for the environment, and will ultimately cut down your energy bill, LED innovation is an exceptional solution. Throwing it together with IoT application is just the cherry on top.

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