New Opera Security Fixes For Windows And Mac!

The latest Opera beta debuted a week ago and along with it a security and stability upgrade. Several security fixes have been incorporated and Opera recommends users to upgrade to the 10.54 version to take advantage of the improvements for both Mac and Windows users.

Although, there are a total of five fixes, details of only one fix have been revealed as of now.

10.54 version instead of 10.53?

The fix that has been revealed prevents Opera from being used as a vector for a font issue in the underlying operating system. The bug was said to be on Windows systems and Microsoft issued a patch for it, but for users who haven’t patched the hole yet, Opera has its own fix.

Details of the other four fixes will be released at a later date.  However, their severity levels were released.

The second issue fixed is said to be of a ‘severe’ nature, the third defined as a ‘highly severe’ issue, the fourth as ‘moderately severe’ and the last as a ‘less severe’ issue.

According to an Opera spokesman, the company was making sure its honoring responsible disclosure practices.

The Mac updates now remove the older versions automatically before installing the new version along with fixing several errors the browser has had with Macs, such as shutting down prematurely and browser stealing window focus.

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With a beautiful new design and faster scrolling on a MacBook trackpad, the new Opera 10.54 browser comes with a lot of changes.

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