TEXTp saves YouTube bandwidth, Money

YouTube is probably one he this generations greatest inventions. It has brought the world closer like never before. Videos are constantly uploaded to YouTube even as you watch a video. In fact, at present there are 24 hours of video uploaded to YouTube every minute! Youtube supports 1080p and HD uploads are rising quickly, but what that also means is that increasing bandwidth costs cut into their bottom line. Which is why, in an effort to keep expenses under control, YouTube have decided to make April 1 the perfect day to take the creative new step of offering users a new way to experience YouTube: text-only mode, or TEXTp.

After months of laborious transcoding efforts by the YouTube engineers, who worked for weeks to make a large chunk of videos on the platform be reduced to the most basic elements, TEXTp is the result. The idea is that by replacing the images in the video with a series of letters and numbers, the videos become much less taxing to their system while also having the additional benefit of promoting literacy!

To try it out you can either click on the link given on their blog (Flsh Player 10.0 required) or select TEXTp from the pull down menus of the videos. Alternately, you can also append & textp=fool to most video URLs.YouTube saves $1 per second for every person who selects TEXTp and keeps it on while watching a video. What this means is that YouTube can potentially save billions of dollars!

[youtube CNWKAaSpJIc 500 375]

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