The Best Ever Firefox Add-ons You Must Check Out

If you’re looking for improving your Firefox experience, then check out these terrific Firefox add-ons which will make numerous routine tasks a lot easier & even increase your browser’s power.

This June, Firefox 3 released which is thought to be the best version ever, but clearly you can improve it with these best Firefox add-ons that will integrate directly with your browser & offers tons of helpful new features.

Here is a list of the best 15 Firefox add-ons that everyone ought to know about!

Xmarks Sync

You can now synchronize the browsing bookmark automatically among manifold PCs using Foxmarks synchronizer. In case you’re using Firefox on over a single PC, you’re most likely spending lots of time in trying to maintain the bookmarks in a synch. To rid yourself of that issue, install this add-on on all your PCs, & you’ll be able to synchronize all changes. The bookmarks are backed up automatically to a particular server, so u can restore any lost data. Also, you can edit bookmarks by logging onto the website for Foxmarks Bookmark Synchronizer.

Secure Login

With this add-on, you’ll never have to remember or look up any site passwords. In case you log in to a Website often & lose or forget your passwords, Secure Login is the perfect solution! This directly incorporates with the password manager (Firefox) & will help you log onto any site without the need to look up or remember the password. It also prevents any hackers from hacking your password by halting the malicious codes of JavaScript code & protects against password dangers like XSS (cross-site scripting) attacks.


This add-on protects your privacy @ websites where you wish to register. Simply go to the site & right-click on the ‘user’s name’ or the ‘password’ fields & select BugMeNot. What will happen is that an applicable user’s name & password will be entered in that form & you can use the website without the need to register.

Better Gmail 2

This best add-on allows one to customize Gmail by skinning it & changing the appearance & colors, customizing sidebar (like hiding spam counts), adding an HTML signature automatically to all emails, etc.

Adblock Plus

It allows one to choose from various filters like EasyList which blocks ads on Websites. This is one of the best add-ons & it blocks all ads while you are viewing content.


This add-on makes managing, subscribing to & reading an RSS feed very easy. When you are on any page with some RSS feeds, click the button & Sage will look up the feeds for you & also subscribe to them.

Google Preview

This is one of the best add-ons because it will add a thumbnail icon of a website towards the left of the website’s narrative in search results on Google. Google Preview successfully adds previewing capabilities to the search results on Google by displaying thumbnail images of all sites. This way, everyone can better view whether it is a website they wish to browse through or not.


You can now customize & tweak the way Google functions by blocking the ads & analytic cookies on Google by using this add-on. In addition, it will anonymize the Google user’s ID you’re using.


This extension puts FTP utility into Firefox & handles transfers of very big files. Also, it compares & syncs directories.


This add-on allows one to customize the way scripts run on websites that you visit. NoScript blocks all the Java, Flash Silverlight & JavaScript scripts by default & then allows them to run on a safe site.

Video Download Helper

Helps you to download a clip/s from sites like YouTube,etc. It lets you download many videos & store those on the hard disk for an anytime view!


This add-on enhances Firefox tabs. You can stick with default color or you could select a color of your choice for all tabs. You can make colors fade & even set background colors on each.

Web of Trust (WOT)

WOT acts as a screener & rates all websites for vendor reliability, trustworthiness, child safety & privacy. It will give you a colored warning every time you access a site (for example red for spam) so you can decide which site to enter & which to leave alone!

Mini Map Sidebar

This add-on allows one to access a mapping service wherever he/she is on Web. You can have a choice for map services, like Yahoo Maps, Google Maps, etc. Zoom in & out, see directions & seek even traffic information!

All-in-One Sidebar

It helps one in reviewing the browsing & download history. It also offers information on the pages you’ve visited. It’s a clever tool that lets one quickly switch amongst all sidebar panels to give a great amount of info about Firefox usage.

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