Corvette Museum’s Sinkhole Exhibit

If you did not hear about the collapse of the National Corvette Museum in Bowling Green, Kentucky just a few years ago, here is what happened.  In the early hours of February 12, 2014, the floor under museum’s main display dome collapsed and eight very special corvettes fell into a deep sinkhole. Just like that, the planet’s terrain swallowed up eight irreplaceable Corvettes. When the museum’s closed-circuit security footage of the disaster made its way to news outlets, it became a serious international event. Though the owners of the museum removed the undamaged vehicles from the museum and rescued the mangled ones, the buzz from this story turned the Corvette museum into a major tourist destination virtually overnight.

Corvette Museum Sinkhole

Debate on How to Handle the Situation:

The Board of Directors of the museum wanted to rebuild the museum as soon as it was possible and get the damaged corvettes repaired and back on public display.  After all, this is the United States’ Corvette Museum and a source of pride for many stakeholders. There was no question that this needed to happen just a soon as possible, especially because “tears were shed” over the loss of some of these classic cars, and there were people who saw this event as a complete disaster. However, the museum had immediately become an attraction because of this cave-in.

And, the museum attendance more than doubled. This was important because more paying customers allowed the museum to easily pursue its goals. The result: several members of the board suggested that the cave-in incident become a piece of the museum’s new displays.  And, that is exactly what occurred. How interesting is that?! It’s quite cool, we think!

What the Museum Looks Like Now:

Today, the Corvette Cave In, as the museum is called, features many aspects of its history.  First, the Corvettes that fell in the sinkhole have been restored.  This was a major task, as it turns out, because they were really damaged during the disaster.  Now, all the original Corvettes that were there, damaged and undamaged, have returned to the display for Corvette enthusiasts.  In addition to the Corvettes, the museum now has a primer on Kentucky’s landscape of underground caves, the very sort that gave in to create the sinkhole in the first place. Who would’ve thought that a museum dedicated to American automobile technology would ever become a popular science exhibit, too! How cool does that seem?

Our Recommendations to You:

So, if you’re ever in Bowling Green, we highly recommend visiting this new unusual museum. Not only will you be able to view some of America’s most significant Corvettes, you will be treated to a first-rate geology lesson about Kentucky’s landscape of underground caves; you can get a bunch of history and science lessons, all in one visit! This is something you seriously cannot miss out on, if you have the chance to go there! Thank you to the folks at this Freeport, NY Chevrolet Dealer for talking to us about this fascinating museum!

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