Ford Introduces SSV Package for F-150 Truck

When we take a quick look at some of the top trucks manufactured by Ford we think about F-150 that has remained one of the popular trucks in the United States for more than 27 years.  Ford has always focused on improving this truck model to exceed the expectations of the loyal customers. Ford has now made an announcement about introducing a Special Service Vehicle Package for fleet customers to make this truck even better.

Tony Gratson, Ford Government Sales Manager said that Ford has received many requests from fleet customers to have this option for F Series trucks. He said that the company is very confident that the new SSV package will help fleet customers to make use of the vehicle in a better way. He said that the new package will help their government customers like law enforcement, firefighters, and national and state patrols to have better vehicle driving experience.

The all new SSV package will be available for SuperCab and SuperCrew configurations with choice of 5.0 liter V8 0r 3.5 liter EcoBoost engines. The new package will have better interiors to provide better comfort to the drivers. It also provides maximum adaptability for specific tasks and second row seat durability.

Ford has designed the SSV package in 40/20/40 ratio and therefore they have omitted the 20% center to provide more space in the vehicle. This can help law enforcement agencies to have their arms installations in the vehicle. The SSV package also comes with heavy duty tires and 4×4 skid plates and better interior convenience content.

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