Fully Cover Your Vehicle for Use with Your Hobbies

Having vehicle insurance is a legal obligation and everyone knows the importance of ensuring your car is covered for driving on the road. When you use it for different purposes, such as for work or as a taxi there are different levels of insurance which must be taken out to be sure you’re fully covered.

The same is true when using your vehicle for certain leisure time activities, with different types of insurance required. Often these can be easily forgotten about or only remembered at the last minute. Plan ahead and don’t get caught out with a hefty bill when using your vehicle for one of your hobbies.

Horsebox Insurance

Hopefully you will already have all the appropriate insurance to adequately protect your animals. However, this is unlikely to cover them when on the move, out of their fields and stables. Given the high value (both financially and emotionally) of them it is vital they are insured for your peace of mind. Horsebox insurance from A-Plan helps out in the event of a problem with your horse while in transit or with the actual horsebox.

Caravan Cover

For anyone who enjoys going on weekend caravanning trips or longer holidays, whether in the UK or abroad, taking out caravan insurance is a must. It can be the last thing on your mind when organising a well-deserved break but a caravan is essentially your home and an extra addition to your car at once. For this reason it’s no surprise an additional insurance policy is required to protect it and its contents when on the move and parked up.

Roof Rack Insurance

If you’re passionate about cycling and regularly stick your bikes on a roof rack on top of your car or on the back then you’d be advised to check your insurance policy. Some policies will already cover this but not all do, and if you end up in an accident you could find your insurers refusing to pay out. Ensure this is built into your policy at the start or ring up to get it added in as soon as possible.


Making big modifications to your car can understandably change the price of your insurance. Recently however, even the smallest adaptions to people’s vehicles have seen premiums change, such as the reverend who was told her Jesus sticker could invalidate her policy. Whether you’ve got stickers supporting animal rights or football team scarves attached to your car, they may all need to be noted by your insurer.

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