Honda City Vs Nissan Sunny – A Comparison

Buying a car is not an easy task, especially when one is faced with too many choices. All the available options seem to be as attractive as the other one and one does not want to make a hasty decision, only to regret later. Hence, car buying is a lengthy process, which calls for a lot of research and planning. One of the most common tools employed by buyers to arrive at the best choice is comparing the available choices on similar parameters to arrive at a decision.

Honda City Vs Nissan Sunny

Here, two popular cars – Honda City and Nissan Sunny – are being compared on some common parameters like price, engine specifications, mileage, extra feature and after sales services among others.  The diesel variants of these cars are being compared here for parity.

Price – Honda City E Diesel is available for an Ex-showroom price tag ranging from INR 719000/- to 1099000/-. The corresponding figure for Nissan Sunny XE D is INR 699000/- to 980128/-. Therefore, going by the price factor alone, the Sunny seems to be an attractive option over the City.

EngineThe Honda City is powered by a 1498 CC Diesel engine, which produces a maximum power of 99 bhp @ 3600 rpm and a torque of 200 Nm @ 1750rpm. On the other hand, the Sunny is powered by a 1461cc Diesel engine that generates a power of 85 bhp @ 3750 rpm and a torque of 200 Nm @ 2000 rpm. Both are mated to five-speed manual transmission gearbox. Although both the car seems to be equally matched in engine power, the City has a slight edge over Sunny.

Mileage – The Honda City wins easily in the mileage factor as it offers an excellent fuel efficiency of 26 kmpl (ARAI Certified). The Sunny offers a slightly lower fuel efficiency of 22.71 kmpl only.

Other specifications – While the Sunny is longer and taller than the City, both the cars are same in case of width. However, the Honda City has a bigger boot space of 510 liters compared to the Sunny’s 490 liters. In other features like power windows, brakes and the like, both cars are almost the same. However, Honda City offers two airbags (for driver and front passenger) and automatic climate control AC unit. Sunny comes with only one air bag and a manual AC unit.

Service Network – Honda has more sales and service networks, when compared with that of Nissan. In this parameter too, the City scores better than the Sunny.

Although the Honda City costs more initially, factors like mileage, engine power and other features, and after sales network works in its favour. Therefore, it can be concluded that it is a better option than the Sunny.

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