Tips on How to Avoid the Police While Driving

Our many traffic rules aren’t bad things because most of these rules are designed to make for a safer society.  Sometimes, however, there are rules that are not taken seriously by many drivers.  In fact, some people don’t obey them at all and it may be illegal. Continue reading for some tips on how to avoid getting pulled over!

Pedestrians first:

The law in all states: if you see a crosswalk and a person on it, you have to stop! They have the right of way in every case. It’s interesting that in some states drivers don’t take this seriously. If you were to strike a pedestrian in a crosswalk, you going to damage multiple lives.

Avoid the Police While Driving

Turn on your headlights:

Many states require drivers to turn their lights on when it is dark outside. The specific law varies by state, as does the tendency for enforcement. Even if your state doesn’t have laws about light usage while driving, do the smart thing and turn them on anyway.

Go the speed limit:

There are speed limits for a reason. Be prepared to get pulled over if you’re driving 70 mph in a 35 mph zone. Many cops list stopping speeders as their top priority. Cops are interested in protecting public safety, and excessive speeders can increase the risk of crashes, as well as the magnitude of injuries from those crashes. So, do yourself a favor and drive at the posted speed limit.

Stop at stop signs:

OK, you’re supposed to stop at stop signs. That doesn’t mean a “rolling stop,” which most drivers do. It means that your wheels have to stop rolling completely. A cop has the right to say to you, “your wheels were still moving.” Also, if you receive a ticket for running a stop sign or red light, that is called a “moving violation” and your insurance company can increase your rates because of it.

Put down your phone:

Many Americans own smart phones, and that means they text. The issue with texting is that you sometimes want to do it while you’re at the wheel. Realizing the danger that this represents, a number of states now have laws that prohibit texting while you are driving. We know this is hard to follow but don’t end up on the news because you couldn’t avoid texting.

Use the left lane for passing only:

Unless you’re on a congested highway, you should only be in the left hand lane when you are passing another vehicle. You would be correct that a lot of people do not observe this law but you should know that some states have recently started to crack down on it. Just remember: if you aren’t overtaking a slower vehicle, move over to the right.

As you can see, a number of driving rules that are often disregarded. Please be mindful of your actions on the road, and by doing so you’re more likely to avoid the police! Thank you to the team at this Chrysler car dealership in Webster, TX, for their help with this article!

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