4 Tips To Start Earning Money As A Car Blogger

Are you passionate about cars? Do you show up at each auto show in your area and maybe even work on vehicles in your spare time? If so, you should strongly consider running a car blog to share your knowledge and passion with the rest of the world.

Start Earning Money As A Car Blogger
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Running a blog alone can be a enjoyable hobby, but just as importantly, it can also become a serious source of income if it’s popular enough. The following four tips will help you earn money as a blogger should you decide that running a car blog is right for you:

1. Find Your Angle

The most popular blogs in the auto industry all focus on a specific niche or angle. This is why they’ve managed to build up a loyal reader base and subscribers who are all strongly interested in that niche.

Can you choose to write about anything and everything having to do with cars if you want to? Sure, but it will be harder to put together a loyal audience and compete with the larger auto websites if you do so.

To ensure that your blog is as unique as possible, zero in on a general niche of cars instead, such as only writing about classic cars, about a specific brand, reviews on new cars, and so on.

2. Draw Organic Traffic To Your Blog

For your blog to be successful, it has to be able to attract organic traffic. Organic traffic is simply web traffic, or users, who come to your blog naturally through a search engine. In other words, you want people to come to you instead of you going to them.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is all about how you can increase your blog’s visibility on search engines so that people will naturally come across it on a results page. An SEO analysis tool can help you to prioritize the marketing strategies you need to use to increase overall traffic to your blog.

3.  Create Quality Content

This is fairly obvious, right? Still, it’s worth noting. Creating quality content on a consistent basis is the number one thing you can do to improve your blog’s reputation, get more people to refer you to their friends, and see an overall boost in daily visitors.

A car blog needs to make heavy use of videos, image slideshows, and news on cars in your niche. You can take a look at some other popular blogs in the automotive industry for a little inspiration.

4. Sell Products On Your Blog

There are a variety of ways you can make money with a blog, from advertisements to posting affiliate links, but for an automotive blog the most lucrative option will be to simply sell products having to do with your chosen niche.

So for example, if your blog is all about Chevrolet vehicles, you can have an online store where you sell Chevrolet accessories and/or licensed merchandise. Most of the blogging platforms make it very easy to set up an online shopping system like this.

Start Earning Money With Your Blog

As long as you take the time to create great content and attract organic traffic, you can start to slowly but steadily increase the amount of money you make with your car blog. In the end, blogging will be very rewarding for you both personally and financially.

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