Why the Volkswagen Polo is Such a Popular Car

Volkswagen is a make of car that has withstood the test of time, due in no small part to their array of sought after and brilliant cars as well as the fine German Engineering that goes into the design and manufacture of each of their vehicles.

There’s one particular model that has proved to be very popular ever since its first production in 1975; now in its fifth generation VW Polos are a common sight on Britain’s roads but also sell well worldwide. So what is it that makes this small car so desirable to drivers around the world?

Performance and Comfort

Along with superb build quality, one of the biggest factors in this car’s popularity is the brilliant performance and driveability that comes alongside the comfort you feel when out and about. You can choose from an array of sizes: a 3-door or 5-door hatchback or a 4-door saloon depending on your preferences – the larger 5-door is ideal for a compact, yet at the same time, spacious and accommodating family run-around car. The latest in power-steering and brake technology gives the car excellent handling and control and further to this the five-star safety rating will give you peace-of-mind and security when on the road.

Volkswagen Polo

Engine types can range from 1.2-1.6 Litre petrol or diesel – the latter available turbocharged for extra power – there are also manual/automatic transmission options and on top of this you will find you can get excellent fuel economy.

An Affordable Car

In the current economic climate, many people are having to cut costs in all aspects of their lives and they may be forgiven for thinking that a new car would be beyond them at the moment. This isn’t the case, with a VW Polo you can find yourself a brand new car at a reliable retailer like for as low as £11,102. With a Polo you can get many of the conveniences you can find in a more expensive line of new cars but at a far more affordable price.


Another popular aspect of this car is the mileage you can get from them without any issues or problems. The sheer number of Polos on the UK roads just demonstrates how they spend more time being driven than they do hauled up in garages; this endurance and popularity also gives them the added benefit of excellent resale value – not that you’ll want to part with this car when you’ve bought one.
So like the many thousands of other drivers out there, if you want a new car at the right price, get yourself a VW Polo today.

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