Cures for Dry Winter Skin

Dry Winter Skin

Dry winter skin is one of the serious skin problems that is encountered when the humidity goes low leaving your skin to give water out and dry, also in common known as “winter itch”. This is immaterial of age and occurs to people without skin problem. The common regions of the body that are affected by dry winter skin are face, body, lips, hands and feet.

Smooth skin is well hydrated and is comfortable, in contrast to dry winter skin, which when the problem on worsening will result in flaking, cracking and will even result in eczema.

Winter Skin Care Tips

These are the various ways of preventing the skin lipid layer from being removed and see that the skin remains smooth and well hydrated. Even though this sounds good to hear that hot water cures for dry winter skin is highly effective, for quite intense dry winter skin problem, this worsens even more by removing the skin oils or the lipid layer of the skin.

Following certain winter skin care tips will help in preventing and reducing dry winter skin

1.Lukewarm water is better than hot water

Water is hot if this can turn your hands red, and is good to keep the water lukewarm. Lukewarm water re-moisturizers the dehydrated skin and do not intervene or removes the skin oils. However, the soap do does some of the harm, but is wise to use soap with moisturizers, as this also aids as cures for dry winter skin.

2. Moisturizer after Shower

This is a very important skin care tips that is necessary to apply moisturizer after shower or washing hands. This is the time when the skin is slightly damp and the skin is all set to absorb the moisturizing lotions and creams very easily. The type of moisturizer used also is important to reinstate the skin oils, for example, simple home remedies for dry skin are to apply coconut oil after bath after applying the moisturizing lotion. Carrying your own soap to wash your hands or dab your hands with moisturizing lotion after hand wash is one of the best winter skin care tips.

3. Exfoliation

Exfoliation of harmed and skin prone to dry winter skin is by using face scrubs on a weekly or semi-weekly basis. This followed by a moisturizing regime. Home-made face scrubs with simple ingredients for exfoliation of skin are the simple remedies for dry skin. Soothing and re hydrating ingredients in these scrubs like sandalwood, aloe vera are some of the best cures for dry winter skin.

4. Investing on a Humidifier

To keep your skin well moisture and hydrated, the air should have a humidity of at least 30 percent, which can be maintained well inside the comforts of your home on a very less humid day when the humidity goes below this level.

5. Avoid Drying Soaps

Winter skin care tips will advise you to use moisturizing soaps that have additional moisturizer for your skin that will contain glycerin. In addition, scrubs as oatmeal scrub and mudpacks are very good cure for dry winter skin and are home remedies for dry skin alleviation.

6. Stay Hydrated and Baby You Hands and Feet

When is quite cold outside, is always good to apply the moisturizer and creams in all exposed regions of the body at least half an hour before you plan to go outside, so that the cream and lotion gets inside the body without being washed away or attracting pollutants causing more harm than benefits.

7. Forget not your Lips and Face

The sensitive regions of the body where the skin is smoother are the lips, face, hands and feet. Most of the moisturizer will contain additional moisturizing stuff like using moisturizer for your lips and Vaseline. Before applying these moisturizing skin lotions and creams is to know well that the dead skin lakes has to be removed by rubbing off the flakes using a toothbrush every time, and having a exfoliation to remove these dead skin cells once again, once in a week, until settled.

8. Fish Oil and Nuts

An increase in the intake of omega-3-fatty acids that are present in the fish oils and nuts are some of the best home remedies for dry skin. These when included, for example, the use of almond and olive oil in your face pack are one of the useful ways to replenish the skin oils and are cures for dry winter skin. Cod liver oil is also a good supplement of vitamin A that increases the strength of the skin cells from damage due to oxidation.

9. Vitamin E

Including many Vitamin E supplements are foods nutritious to your skin replenishing the smoothness of the skin, repairing damaged skin cells and giving a glow even when you are exposed to those harsh conditions.

10. Medications

When dry winter skin is worsened, you have no other go than to visit the dermatologist who will probably prescribe you with Cetaphil moisturizer that is meant for dry and sensitive skin. In addition, he will suggest you with the following home remedies for dry skin like drinking plenty of filtered and bottled water than with sodas and other carbonated drinks and beverages. He will also suggest you to reduce your caffeine intake as coffee, as this is a very highly efficient diuretic that can cause dehydration.

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11. Alpha-hydroxyl acids

Some of the best ways to remove dead skin cells from the body by replacing with new skin cells are consuming lot of alpha hydroxyl acids as this is present in large amounts in fruits like apple, milk, grapes, tomatoes, citrus fruits and blackberries. These fruits will also aid in maintaining and giving you with a softer skin.

12. Home Moisturizers

Some of the best home remedies for dry skin are ointment moisturizer that is oil based and a cream or a lotion depending on the skin.

Some of the other non clogging oils that you apply to your body following a hot shower bath and a lotion or cream regime for winter care are avocado oil, mineral oil, primrose or almond oil  for you face, while coconut oil is apt for your body. Rather humectants from the shop are also good ways to attract and retain moisture in your skin.

These are the best ways to cure dry winter skin.

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