Pocket-sized products that can improve our peace of mind

These days, life can seem horrendously hectic, with both your work and family responsibilities perhaps placing many demands on your time. It’s hardly surprising that many of us find little time to just sit back and de-stress, but this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t – or, indeed, can’t – do it.

Product Sized Products
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The trick is to make the most of the free time you do get – and you can ensure this by investing in the following products to slip into your pocket and take out just when you need them.


This curiously-named gadget is one of several highlighted by Mashable in an article about how tech can help you to eat more healthily. If your fridge contains certain foods, like raw meat or fish, without any “use by” dates attached, just point the FOODsniffer sensor in this food’s direction.

This sensor will pick up bio-organic data enabling you to instantly learn, just by referring to the FOODsniffer companion app, whether the diagnosis is “fresh”, “cook well” or “spoiled”.


Even if certain food passes the safe-to-eat test, it doesn’t necessarily follow that it’s the healthiest food you could consume right now. That’s where another sensor, a USB offering known as SCiO, can prove useful, given its ability to instantly assess this food’s sugar and calorie content.

Alternatively, you could purpose this consumer-grade sensor, made in Israel, to scan a drink to see just how alcohol-heavy it is. No sneaking a tipple into an otherwise innocuous drink now!

SHOBU bath bomb

For many of us, visiting a spa is like spending a week in Hawaii: we already know how soothing it would be, but actually carving out the time and resources to make it possible is often beyond us.

Fortunately, though, picking up a SHOBU bath bomb means you don’t even have to leave the house to enjoy a spa-like experience. Here’s how it works, as explained by Living Pretty Happy: on your shower cubicle’s floor, you place a tablet which, in dissolving, releases aromatherapy scents.

CBD vape pen

You might have heard of CBD but still felt reticent to try it. CBD is shorthand for cannabidiol, a compound in – wait for it – the cannabis plant. However, as Medical News Daily reassures, CBD is not psychoactive – unlike THC, a compound responsible for making cannabis users “high”.

Research suggests that CBD could help in relieving epilepsy, cancer growth, anxiety, type 1 diabetes and Alzheimer’s disease – and CBD can be taken in various ways, such as with a vape pen from VSAVI.

Your phone

A wonderfully stress-busting device could already be in your pocket. If you haven’t already, download the Headspace app. It’s free to download and gives you some videos explaining how to get accustomed to mindfulness, a reliable approach to instilling everyday calm in your life. Paying for the app’s premium package unlocks courses touching upon various subjects, including anxiety, productivity and sleep. It could all help you to get short bursts of mindfulness into each day.

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