Why Tech Giants Are Going Into Healthcare

Nowadays, there is a growing trend for tech giants to go into healthcare. Some of them have begun to consult expert medical lawyers like the guys from as part of their planning process, while others have organized partnerships with healthcare institutions. Such a move has surprised not only the tech industry but also the healthcare industry.

Some investment analysts believe that this trend is due to the rapid growth in demand of the healthcare industry for new innovations in information technology. In fact, the tech industry dictates the tempo of other industries and how they will fit into the bigger picture.

Why Tech Giants Are Going Into Healthcare
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Today, we will be looking deeper into why tech giants are going into healthcare.

The Internet of Things

The internet of things or IoT isn’t a new innovation within the tech industry but it’s also invading the world of healthcare so fast it has become a necessity. Some hospitals are still using some obsolete equipment and devices. In order to keep up with modern hospitals, they consider incorporating new and smart devices that use the power of information technology.

One example of IoT in healthcare is the use of microchips. Some tech companies are now producing a certain type of microchip that can be inserted onto or under the skin in order to detect some diseases and monitor the overall health of the body. Another example is the use of virtual reality to help medical students experience and explore the 3D versions of human anatomy.

Such innovations are only possible with the help of tech companies. On the other hand, these tech companies also need to collaborate with healthcare institutions in order to address a specific medical problem.


Hospitals and laboratories are heavily dependent on data and information, and this is why modern hospitals are operating their own data-management warehouse. Some of them are using cloud-based data-management systems while others just hire or outsource a third party vendor. In other words, healthcare institutions are beginning to integrate their data with the latest analytics tools that can help medical professionals perform their job more efficiently.

Most analytic tools are used by medical researchers in studying a particular case using the available statistics that can be sourced from different networking systems that are connected between one another. These tools enable researchers to interpret the gathered data more quickly and efficiently. Furthermore, analytics tools can help hospitals monitor the progress of every patient regardless of their illness.

Mobile Apps

There is no denying that almost all industries, including healthcare are now into mobile apps. Not only does it help them keep up with competition it can now also enable them to connect with patients in real time. Nowadays, there are many apps that can be used to help patients.

On the other hand, hospitals that are no longer able to accommodate all patients at the same time can use mobile apps to accommodate them through their smart phones. In fact, there are some apps that act like mobile doctors.

These apps can make a simple diagnosis and provide relevant answers to questions. Because of this, tech giant’s offer specialized solutions to help some healthcare institutions develop their own special apps that are smarter than others.


It’s not strange to see companies from one industry shifting to a totally different industry. Fashion and tech, tech and sports, and the like are becoming a norm in our society.

What makes them noticeable is when giant players make such a move. In the case of healthcare industry, it’s amazing to see some tech giants getting on board.

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