10 Unusual Movies that’ll Make You Shiver!

It’s currently the month of November and nothing beats spending a November night watching unusual movies, whether it’ll make you cringe, scared, or shiver altogether.

Here are a list of 10 unusual movies that are sure to make you shiver!

1. Dreams That Money Can Buy (1947)

Directed by Hans Ritcher, Dreams That Money Can Buy is an experimental film and a classic example of cinematic surrealism. Joe/Narcissus the main character is running out of money to pay his rent. He saw deep within himself the ability to see the contents of his mind just by looking in a mirror.  \He realized his talents as someone who could sell tailor made dreams for people who needed it.

Dreams That Money Can Buy

The movie shows the dreams of his neurotic clients. It’s a great surreal film and a good way for you to start your November Night. I just hope that the age of the film wouldn’t scare you off!

2. Donnie Darko (2001)

A surprisingly good film about an unusual young man. It’s primarily regarded as a cult film. It has a polarizing effect that people may or may not like the movie. The story is about Donnie and the bunny that haunts him. They discuss the human nature and a man’s adolescence.

Donnie Darko

We find ourselves involved in his story and his inevitable end that changed people’s lives. It talks about the human psyche in a surrealistic way without being too over the top. It’s surrealistic and would sure to make you feel a sense of connection with the story as your immerse yourself deeply within the plot lines.

3. Eraserhead (1977)

A cinema classic and renowned as one of cinema’s unsettling nightmares. Eraserhead was directed by David Lynch also known for his movie The Elephant Man.


The movie is excruciatingly difficult to describe. However, it does show the impending fear of adulthood and the weight of its responsibilities with it main character. The story is about a man who took it upon himself to take care of a child. And that, along with creepy imagery, will be sure to make you jump off your seat!

4. Evil Dead (1978)

The new evil dead is pretty great. However, it isn’t as good as the old Evil dead. The Evil Dead (date) was an indie film where the director barely had budget. It’s a low-budget film much like its fellow horror films during its time. It generated a lot of attention and paved way to its 2 sequels and the recent remake.

Evil Dead

The story is about demons as a result of tampering with the Necronomicon. The effects are cheesy but gruesome enough to make you enjoy it. There next movie, Evil Dead 2, which is less gruesome as the first may as well be a remake. The second film also connects with the third film Army of Darkness.

5. Falling Down (1993)

When I first watched this movie, it was weird. It just couldn’t get myself into it. But as I persisted nonetheless, I realized how great it was. Walliam Foster, the leading character of falling down is someone who recently divorced. Confused and unable to release his rage in a harmless way, he vents out his frustrations on innocent individuals.


The movies is great. You see Williams slow decent into madness and how the other individuals in the film observe him. He goes around town and the different characters that were presented were great. It was for the most part a black comedy that had an extremely touching ending for its genre.

6. Irreversible (2001)

Irreversible is a French film released in 2001. The movie shows a woman’s story told backwards within the movie. It tackles the emotional damage sexual abuse can bring and how it should never be done. The movies can show the extent of human nature and what we’re capable of. The movie is extremely soul-crushing and unusual in terms of the average entertainment-value film we have nowadays.


7. Naked Lunch (1991)

Naked lunch is one of the movies that needs to be watched over and over again. The fun thing about this is that, you’ll learn more and more about the movie. The film is based on a book about an exterminator who accidentally murdered his wife. Where he gets involved in a mass government plot committed by large bugs off the north of Africa.

Naked Lunch

The movie is subjected to a lot of criticism and like most film listed here, it’s extremely surreal. And seem like a cinematic metaphor for heroin addiction. It’s actually an intricate study of man. It’ll dive deep into our psyche and may take you some time to “get” it.

8. OldBoy (2003)

Nope, not the American one. Park Chan Wook’s Oldboy is probably one of my favorite Korean films. It’s about an unsuccessful man placed in a situation out his control. Where he Oh Dae-Su, was placed in a confined room for years. And as time passes by within the confined room he grows insane. He then decides to improve himself rather than wallow in his own self-pity and seek revenge on the man that imprisoned him.


It shows how much a person can take before they’re motivated by pure anger and motivation. The ending is surprising and brilliantly well-planned, it would be worth every second you’ve watched it.

9. Salo (120 Days of Sodom) (1975)

Salo is an Italian art film that brought a lot of controversies. It shows how much a person can affect another individual based on their morality.


The movie is based on a WWII setting where a rich fascist group took it upon themselves to keep 18 young individuals. These young individuals are then subjected to 120 days of horror. The group of people’s enjoyment for torture and pain will make you feel sadness and discomfort. It’s a movie that takes horror and pain to the next level. I would never recommend it for the faint hearted.

And while the movie may seem pure shock-value entertainment, that shouldn’t be the only thing limiting your perception on it. It has great direction and the usage of the camera to portray a documentary-like film will make you feel like it’s real.

10. Basket Case (1982)

Just like Evil Dead, this is a movie that show the creativity and inventive nature of classic horror. The basket case is about a man who carries his Siamese twin within a basket. They seek revenge on the person that separated themselves by butchering them mercilessly. It has a lot of deformed characters, and cheesy horror acting.

Basket Case

If you’re up for weird stuff the 70-80’s produced, this is a great November night movie.


People often think that unusual movies are only restricted to surrealism and horror. However, that isn’t the case, you can find unusual movie everywhere. You just need to have the gut to find it.

Here’s to wishing that you have a great month of November! We at Dirwell will provide you a lot of weird things.

Note: In exchange for surrealism, some of the movies are NSFW. All images used are respectfully own by the filmmakers.

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