7 Most Expensive Insured Celebrity Bodyparts Around the World

It’s an unpredictable world out there and therefore many people around the world go for insurance that can help them to protect themselves against unexpected situations and events. Usually when we think of insurance we think of some valuable items like cars, real estate and so on, but celebrities are always conscious about their bodyparts and therefore there are many celebrities that insure their bodyparts at higher premium prices. Here we take a quick look at the 7 most expensive insured celebrity bodyparts.

Tina Turner – Legs

Tina Turner began her career in 1960s but over a period of time she has gained more popularity. While she started her career from small pubs she gradually reached the peak of success and holds a Guinness Record for selling most concert tickets in history. Currently she is estimated to be worth approximately $200 million. However, she made global news when she insured her legs for $3.2 billion.

Tina Turner

Mariah Carey – Legs

American singer, songwriter, record producer and actress Mariah Carey has remained among the top selling pop artists of the last half-century. Mariah Carey has also insured her legs for $1 billion. While Mariah Carey went through some rough phase in her career she came back into the limelight with The Emancipation of Mimi.

Mariah Carey

Jennifer Lopez – Buttocks

Jennifer Lopez has been known for the bottle-shape figure that she has and therefore she has gone ahead with insuring her butt. She has insured her buttocks for $300 million which makes her among the top celebrities that have insured their body parts.

Jennifer Lopez

Julia Roberts – Smile

We all love the smile of Julia Roberts but do we know that she has insured her smile for $30 million making it in the list of top celebrities that have insured their body parts. Julia Roberts have insured her smile because she believes that her smile has tremendous market value. Although, we do not see Julia Roberts much in the movies these days, but her smile is definitely contagious and can make you smile.

Julia Roberts

Daniel Craig – Body

Actors do not really need to do their own stunts, but there are some that do their own things. Daniel Craig certainly does some of his own stunts and he did that for his Bond movie called Casino Royale that was released in 2006. To protect himself from any unexpected situation, Daniel Craig insured his entire body for $9.5 million.

Daniel Craig - Body

Madonna – Breasts

Breasts are very popular when it comes to insurance and Madonna has insured her breasts for $2 million. There are many other Playboy magazine models that have done this, but Madonna tops the list when it comes to celebrities that have insured their breasts.

Madonna - Breasts

David Beckham – Legs

Legs are important for any footballer and David Beckham has insured his legs for $70 million. Although, he has retired from football and he does not actively participate in the games, but this midfielder managed to gain lot of popularity and therefore managed to get better payment. Apart from David Beckham there are many other football celebrities that have decided to follow the same route and insured their bodyparts.

David Beckham - Legs


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