A New Google Application that Pet lovers Would Love!

This new application is: Translate for animals which is an application that you can download if you have an Android phone and is a breakthrough Beta application that is supposed to be bridging the communication gap between animals and humans. The fact is that Google has finally come up with this application that can translate the most common emotions and expressions of your pet to your language so that you can better understand your pet through their own language. Developing this application was of course not a simple task as Google needed to work for a long time with language developers and experts in the field of animal linguistics.

Once the application has been installed on your phone you will have the option of choosing from a variety of different animals whose speech you want to translate. The animals that you can choose from include dogs, cats, pigs, sheep, horses and chicken and even tortoise and a few more. Of course, not only can choose between the animals that you wish to translate, you can also choose the language you want it translated it.

How the translation works is actually pretty simple. All you have to do is record the sounds that your pet is making for it to be processed and the voice recognisation process to take place. For this however it is advised that you allow the animal to be as calm as possible and you could even pet the animal for a better response and after that you should record the noises that the animal is making. The voice recognisation and translation might take a few seconds as there are going to be a number of different sounds and noises that the application will have to sort through, but at the end of it the application will provide you with a transcript and translated version of what your pet had just said.

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So this is definitely an application that you would love to have on your phone if you have a pet and have been wanting to know what exactly they are thinking and saying. In fact you might also be figure out what exactly makes your pet uncomfortable so that you can help it lead a better life with you. However this application is available only on Android phones, if you have one try downloading it immediately and try it out.

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